Effective weapon against insomnia! 6 simple yoga poses for good and restful sleep.

Dear friend, if you're just like me, "lucky" to undertake a grueling day at work, just falling asleep on the move, because last night you could not sleep, do not despair - you are not alone! If you believe the psychological research, millions of people around the world suffer from insomnia.

Scientists were able to establish that, in addition to the habit to go to bed late and caffeine in large quantities, the main cause of insomnia is stress.

How is it that to get rid of daily anxieties about work, health and family who do not give you sleep at night? There is an exit! Studies show that yoga in conjunction with a variety of spiritual, psychological and physical practices can positively affect the quality of your sleep. In addition, the scientists suggest that such studies are not only able to improve the quality of sleep, but also a positive impact on its duration. These exercises even help people, "sitting" on a variety of sleeping pills to get rid of his destructive addiction.

Yoga today, more than ever, is very popular, so you will not be difficult to find the right club for yoga classes. But if you're tired from lack of sleep and want to achieve immediate results, if you are ready to do yoga now, the simplest complex consisting of 6 exercises that promote relaxation and healthy sleep, just for you! Ready? Then dare!

Restorative Pose "Dragonfly»

Lie down on your stomach tucked under her elbows. Put your forearm so that they lie parallel to the front of the mat. Right forearm should be placed before the left. Crossed his arms so that both were right.

Before you stretch the shoulders, make sure that your hands are positioned just below the collarbone. Move your shoulder blades toward the hips and gently leaned his body on top of the hand. Close your eyes, take 10 deep breaths. Do the same on the other hand, putting the left forearm before the right.

Pose "Butterfly" lying

Leaning on his back. Hold out your hands and put them aside. Once you have done this, bend your knees, placing the foot on the floor. Crossed his knees, then put the left knee to the right. Shift the hips to the left edge of the mat. Do 10 slow breaths and repeat on the other side.

Pose "Dove»

Lie down on your back in the middle of the mat. Bend your legs at an angle of 90 °, placing them on the floor. Form four, putting his right ankle on your left knee. Prosun right hand, as if to thread the needle through the resulting space. Woven fingers of both hands on the calf of the left leg. Try as much as possible to cuddle her hips to the floor, lifting the left knee to the chest, while stretching his right knee in the opposite direction. Do 10 breaths and then go through this exercise on the other side.

Exercise for hamstring

Bend your knees, placing the foot on the floor as in the previous pose. This time podymi right leg up, leaving the left foot on the floor. Circumference of the knee, ankle or foot with both hands. Stretch the heel of his left foot and try as hard as possible to straighten the right leg. This will contribute to a greater stretch. Do 10 slow breaths and repeat the same exercise with the other hand.

Pose "Star»

This exercise is performed in a sitting position. Fully straighten both legs. Then, bend your knees so that the feet flat on the floor. Spread your knees apart. Unite the foot of both legs. Stretch your spine, feet touch the tips of the hands. Stretch your spine up. If you can reach a level where you can easily touch your forehead heels, think you - a real guru! Spending a few minutes in this position. Again: do 10 breaths.

Pose "Seated Twist»

Sit cross-legged. Put your right hand on your left knee. Turn the trunk to the side arm. Do 10 breaths, return to starting position and repeat the same exercise by placing his left hand on his right knee.

Do not worry, perform this simple exercise program will not take you much time. Yoga before going to bed will help you get rid of disturbing thoughts and sleep soundly.

Do yoga and forget about insomnia forever! If you have been helpful to know about such a simple weapon against insomnia - share this useful information with those who have a dream run from the eyes.

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