10 basic rules of etiquette. They must know every self-respecting man!

Etiquette - an indispensable part of modern society. Compliance with these rules will show your good manners, courtesy and education. It is very important to our society to follow them, because then it becomes easier to be in a society, interact with each other is pleasant and interesting!

Check with the basic rules:

1. How much of a man can tell a handshake! Senior age must submit a hand first, while accepted look into each other's eyes. If you look away - it can be perceived as disrespect or mendacity in your intentions. Women are not made to shake hands, but when she reached her - the same answer, but remember to shake is not weaker than it. After all, so a woman may think that you're a wimp.

2. What kind of flowers you can give to men?
It can be: chrysanthemums, roses, carnations, orchids, bamboo, calla lilies, lily, anthurium, gladiolus, tulips, irises, gerbera daisies, sunflowers. Their color is also important: white, blue, purple, burgundy, green.

When you can give flowers to men:

  • the publication of a new book,
  • the publication of a new article,
  • birthday,
  • the awarding,
  • sports victory ,
  • scientific discovery,
  • premiere of the film,
  • concert premiere. 3. During the feast, if the soup is served - do not tilt the plate. Permissible tilt it only by myself, but it is better not to do it.

    4. When the lady comes out from behind the desk - men have to get up.

    5. When privselyudno husband and wife call each other by different words of endearment - is considered vulgar.

    6. If you drink a drink through a straw - do not try to drink all to the last drop!

    7. How to behave in a restaurant:

    • When you eat - not to invade the space of a neighbor elbows,
    • Cut the large pieces into small,
    • does not blow on hot food,
    • no lick your fingers, use a napkin,
    • permanently blotted his mouth with a napkin,
    • Do not talk with your mouth full,
    • you should not place the phone on the table. < /8. If you chew gum in public, risking seem rude.

      9. How do we climb stairs:

      • a man must give way to the railing women, children and elderly people;
      • If the ladder is a man with the weight of the hands, it is necessary to stop or get off the steps;
      • if a man walks up the stairs with a woman, then he should go ahead, giving her a hand. 10. If you're tired of talking to you or bored - do not be distracted at his watch, phone, notebook. This can be seen as a strong contempt for the other person!

        Remember that the rules of etiquette include not only appropriate behavior, but also the appearance and culture of speech, the ability to manage their emotions. Also very important: attentiveness, ability to listen to the interlocutor, the ability to help those who need it. Unfortunately, only 10% of people are familiar with these rules. You got a wonderful opportunity to make your friends Awareness! Share this record with them and enjoy the civility in their environment!

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