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Etiquette - this is when you behave better than is absolutely neobhodimo.K Unfortunately, many perceive the observance of norms and rules of etiquette as something shameful considering it a sign of highbrow aesthetes who very far from real life.

In fact, the basics are quite simple etiquette. This culture of speech, common courtesy, neat appearance, and the ability to manage their emotions.

Website presents you with a selection of topical today rules that everyone should know and respecting other people.

If you say the phrase: "I invite you" - which means you pay. Another formulation: "Let's go to a restaurant" - in this case, each person pays for himself and only if the man himself offers to pay for a woman, she may agree. Do not come to visit without a call. If you visited without warning, can afford to be in a bathrobe and curlers. One British woman said that the appearance of the intruders, she always puts on shoes, a hat and take an umbrella. If a person is pleasant to her, she exclaims: "Ah, well, I just came!". If unpleasant, "Oh, what a pity, I have to leave." Do not place your smartphone on the table in public. By doing so, you show how important in your life plays a communication device and how much you uninteresting occurring near annoying chatter. At any moment you are ready to leave the useless talk and once again check the tape in Instagram, answer an important call or ignore, to see what came out fifteen new levels to Angry Birds.

Do not invite the girl for a date and to communicate with her through text messages. A man never wears handbags. And women's coats it takes just to convey to the locker room. If you go with someone else, and your companion greeted with a stranger to you man, you should say hello to you. Many believe that the land can only eat with chopsticks. However, this is not entirely correct. Men, unlike women, can eat sushi and hands. Shoes must always be clean. Do not engage in idle chatter on the phone. If you are in need of spiritual conversation, it is better to meet with one another face to face. If you're offended, do not meet the same rudeness, and even more so, to raise your voice to the person offended you. Do not stoop to his level. Smile and politely move away from the ill-mannered companion. On the streets a man must go to the left of the ladies. On the right can only go to the military, which should be ready to perform military greeting. Drivers need to remember that the cold blood to spray passersby with mud - a glaring lack of culture. A woman can not shoot indoors hat and gloves, but no hat and mittens. The nine things should be kept secret: age, wealth gap in the home, prayer, the composition of the drug, a love affair, a gift, honor and dishonor. < /

Arriving at the movie theater, a concert to go to their seats should only face-to-sitting. The first is a man. A man enters the restaurant is always the first, the main reason - on the basis of the maitre d 'has the right to draw conclusions about who is the initiator of joining the institution, and who will pay. In the case of the arrival of a large company - part of the first and pays, from whom came the invitation to the restaurant. But if at the entrance visitors are greeted by the doorman, the man is obliged to miss the first woman. Then the gentleman finds free space. Never touch a woman without her desire to take her by the hand, to touch her during a conversation, push it or take the hand above the elbow, unless you helping her to enter the transport or out of it, and cross the street. If you are rude to anyone calls out (for example, "Hey, you!"), it is not necessary to respond to this challenge. However, do not preach, educate others during the short meeting. It is better to teach a lesson in etiquette by example. The golden rule when using perfume - moderation. If in the evening you could smell her perfume, you know that everyone else has suffocated. Educated men never afford not to show proper respect to women. In the presence of women men smoking only with its permission. Whoever you are - the director, academician, an elderly woman or student - entering the room, greet the first. Follow the secrecy of correspondence. Parents do not have to read the letters intended for their children. Spouses should also act with respect to each other. Anyone who rummages through his pockets in search of similar notes or letters, enters an extremely ugly. Do not try to keep up with fashion. Better not look fashionable, but well, what is fashionable and bad.

If the apology you are forgiven - no more time to go back to insulting the issue and ask for forgiveness again, simply repeat these errors. Too laugh out loud, noisy talk, closely looking at people - insultingly . Do not forget to thank the loved ones, relatives and friends. Their good deeds and the willingness to offer help not the obligation, and the expression of feelings worthy of thanks.
"I am very sensitive to the rules of etiquette. How to pass the plate. Do not shout from one room to another. Do not plow a closed door without knocking. Skip forward lady. The aim of all these countless simple rules - to make life better. We can not live in a chronic state of war with their parents - it's stupid. I carefully watch your manners. This is not some abstraction. This is all understandable language of mutual respect ยป.

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