How not to become a real "aunt": 8 steps to eliminate harmful syndrome!

Take your time flipping Medical Encyclopedia: the syndrome of "aunt" you will not read in any book. Although, according to statistics, every second, three women have all the symptoms face: depression, grumbling, fatigue, extinct opinion, asexuality and unwillingness to dream. Often this disease and even comes with sadness, despair, melancholy, boredom, thrifty and being overweight. If you notice these symptoms at home, I dare to disappoint: most likely started up in you "aunt».

Of course, do not put on a cross and for all to put up with the role domomuchitelnitsy. Everything else can be fixed, the main thing - to expel the annoying fat unexpected guest from itself. And do it immediately, so that she sat up and not obzhilas. To do this, by the way, has its own bible with a bit of "other" commandments. So remember these axioms and soon begins to act: "aunts" is not the place!

Commandment 1. I - a woman, and none of the women's quirks is alien to me.

Notice for themselves, often buying something sweet children, another unnecessary thing in the house, a gift from her husband. And imagine yourself when the last time to buy something? Because it is a pity. And here is wrong! When you think about yourself, you spoil yourself by buying beautiful shoes, or cool off the jacket, you're killing a "aunt." After all, you're still hoo. Regardless of age!

Commandment 2. No one owes nothing to.

Classics of the genre: I hate hate to cook (washing, cleaning), but in fact obliged. And then you wonder, where did embittered "aunt." That's because you can simply abandon the unloved cases, not forcing himself and irritated over nothing at all and everything. The reason, say psychologists to look for in a child: in fact, we are constantly told that if you do not know how to cook, her husband beside her can not be kept.

The heroine of the film "You can not dream" on the tediousness homeroom teacher: "My girl, when you grow up, you will be my husband. You will understand how good it is when a person has a sense of duty, "- answered this way:" And in my opinion, only love has the right to manage everything. " Is more needed some arguments?

Commandment 3. What's inside, then outside.

When you are happy about the world, to enjoy every moment of life, is not discouraged by trifles, are able to notice any little good news, then apparently become attractive and charming. It's no wonder they say that if you want the world to you smile, give him his first good mood. But that's "aunt" forget that happy mom - happy children, while their wives happy - happy husbands.

Commandment 4. What will people say?

Forget about it once and for all. The main thing that you think about yourself. The only important thing is. Straight back, easy gait, confident look, chin raised: does anyone doubt that you - well, perfect, happy woman? No! Remember that the way you see others - no more than the result of your own thoughts. Check!

Commandment 5. I woke up, washed, dressed, smiled and went to decorate the world.

Did you know that the largest number of used lipstick ... women in Arab countries. The question arises: why should they, they are also veiled all day go? That's it! In our part of the woman-powder blush when there is a job for a date, a business meeting, a visit and even shop. And here at home with her husband is quite normal to sit in a shapeless robe, tattered socks and old slippers: and so loves. In the eastern beauties is the opposite: a home for her husband - all the best. To outsiders they are not smarten up, but when your favorite look like a queen. Maybe we should take note of?

Commandment 6. Between cooking borscht and sex always choose the latter.

Here the border is easily seen if you want to do it anytime, anywhere and under any circumstances, is ready to play fantasy flip "Kama Sutra" in search of new sensations, or postures, that nothing is yet lost. And here at the "aunt" in the lexicon are increasing phrase: "do not want", "headache", "Not today," "this week has been." Of course, you can go and cook soup. This is only a meal, at worst, you can do something else, or, in extreme cases, to any institution catering, if you are already very hungry. And now a question: would you like to, that your husband was somewhere beyond the regular portion of sex, because he, poor fellow, in the home are starving? The answer is obvious.

Commandment 7. Calling woman - not to serve and inspire!

At school, every teacher likes to read morality a la "The girls, most importantly - learn to cook soup! For whom would you not have to get married, it is in any case, will want to have. " And assured us that from their wives, are perfectly prepared - wash - caress, husbands will never go away. However, then every other wonders, and it prepares delicious and well-ironed and washed every day, and my husband still left.

And all because you have to remember once and for all: the housewife and wife - this is not the same thing. The first - thinking only about the economy, it is always with a scoop and an apron, she was always busy. The second - the muse of her husband; It is the only one that inspires and makes develop family think tank, able to make the right decisions. In the end, all that is not included in the terrible concept called "aunt».

Commandment 8. I - there is, and this is already more than enough!

And this is no different and never will be! And the fact that you and your loved ones are alive and well - have a great reason for joy every day! And as soon as this amazing person could kill themselves feigned, invented problems? Do not be ashamed, "the aunt»?

If you notice is for at least some of these terrible symptoms, rather expel "aunt" and slam the door firmly behind her. Make it possible and necessary. Important: allow yourself to continue to enjoy life. Mentally show their inner language "aunt" and Run ... rollerblading. Life is Fabulous!

Share these precepts with friends - it certainly will help others to fix everything until it's too late!

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