30 great ideas on how to organize the order in the house. Now everything is in place!

The order in the house - a delicate matter. How many do not suggest, after a couple of days still lying anywhere as if nothing was removed. In addition, the larger the family, the house collects more and more items that simply have no place. The order in the house needed everywhere: in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the workplace, in the pantry, living room, bedroom and even in the garage.

By organizing all the things right at home - from clips to the Children's sledge, you are no longer going to waste time looking for them. Moreover, the cleaning will no longer take all weekend. Remember, every thing must have its specific place!

.cc offers you 30 brilliant ideas how you can conveniently organize things at home. Once people to think out of this?

1. For all women's number one problem - what to do with cosmetics. How do you like this version?

2. Small and discreet tweezers, which lost all the time, now do not need to look around the room - simply use the magnet!

3. This solution is suitable for scissors, pins and other metal gizmos beauty.

4. And such a magnetic board - a dream of women.

5. You do not have to rummage in the beautician to find your favorite red lipstick.


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