30 great ideas on how to organize the order in the house. Now everything is in place!

The order in the house - a delicate matter. How many do not suggest, after a couple of days still lying anywhere as if nothing was removed. In addition, the larger the family, the house collects more and more items that simply have no place. The order in the house needed everywhere: in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the workplace, in the pantry, living room, bedroom and even in the garage.

By organizing all the things right at home - from clips to the Children's sledge, you are no longer going to waste time looking for them. Moreover, the cleaning will no longer take all weekend. Remember, every thing must have its specific place!

.cc offers you 30 brilliant ideas how you can conveniently organize things at home. Once people to think out of this?

1. For all women's number one problem - what to do with cosmetics. How do you like this version?

2. Small and discreet tweezers, which lost all the time, now do not need to look around the room - simply use the magnet!

3. This solution is suitable for scissors, pins and other metal gizmos beauty.

4. And such a magnetic board - a dream of women.

5. You do not have to rummage in the beautician to find your favorite red lipstick.

6. And the banks, it turns out, can be stored not only conservation.

7. Tormented by the question of where to store curling irons and hair dryers? Brilliant - use PVC pipes of different diameters.

8. You would not have thought of such an application organizer for securities.

9. On the order of the cabinet is legendary - there always has its own atmosphere. But here you can organize things, if you put a little effort and imagination play. I thought that the plastic containers can only store food in the refrigerator?

10. At fashionistas, it seems to have become one problem less.

11. Every centimeter can always be used wisely.

12. A very practical idea - to spread things on color or material.

13. With accessories are always a story. Now you know exactly where a thin black belt hangs out in that red dress.

14. This solution will appeal to all holders of the "second eye". Convenient and practical!

15. Choose sunglasses mood!

16. Now the bags are not strewn across the apartment.

17. With special decorations trouble. Now, you do not spend an extra hour to untangle beads.

18. Who would have thought that the bottle out of the sweet water is suitable for storing bracelets and gums.

19. The order of the kitchen - the number one rule for any hostess. Good idea to store boards and trays.

20. Do not rush to throw the box out of cereals or cereal: decorating her get great box to store recipes and other little things.

21. Baby: They are not magnets, and boxes of spices.

22. In the refrigerator, too, everything should have its place.

23. Whoever thought of this before - a genius!

24. So you're definitely not going to look all over the house, where the left window cleaner.

25. Any housewife would envy!

26. Do not forget about the pantry, cottage and garage - there is always at least a dime a dozen trash. If your family like ball games, you just have to take it into service.

27. Trays of eggs and molds for cakes can be used for other purposes.

28. Children sledges always occupy a lot of space. But not with this solution!

29. A ladder can skillfully play the role of a hanger.

30. It is no secret that in every house there is a package with the package, which has already legends go. Surprise of all - try to gently roll packages such triangles. Good and practical alternative.

I surprised some ideas? But they are just brilliant. Many things can be advantageously used for other purposes, as long as the fantasy was. And, of course, a great desire to finally arrange the mountain of things that are lying around like abandoned, around the house. The main thing - do not forget to put everything in place! Then all these ideas and solutions will have practical value.

Prompt friends how to arrange things in the house.

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