9 bizarre tips to help you cope with everyday problems. The first time I heard about this ...

Who among us has not experienced in life with the problems or difficulties, which is not to say? Many people are familiar, what a terrible migraine, oily skin of the face or debilitating pain in the foot. But this happened that you did not know how to get rid of a wart or a huge blister? When all of the traditional methods are powerless, the time comes to look for an alternative.

Here are a few tips to help you cope with unpleasant everyday problems. At first glance, they seem to you unusual and even strange. But, believe me, they are. From the means to fight with hiccups I'm all in shock! Take a mental note to be safe.

You can not bring a wart?

Then you need not celandine and ... duct tape! Cut a piece of adhesive tape and stick it on the wart, completely closing it. Every three days I was "patch" to remove dead skin. From warts and no trace left!

Feel free yellow plaque on the teeth?

You can help the apples. Do not be surprised, just raw vegetables and fruits while chewing act as a toothbrush. Furthermore, it apples contain special enzymes that allow to clean the tooth surface naturally. Fairly safe and effective method.

permanently swayed in transport?

Did you know that one of the reasons for this unpleasant sensation is salivating. In order to get rid of it - pozhuy a slice of lemon or an olive.

torment pain stop?

Get rid of them by special anesthetic massage using a regular tennis ball. So you can also get rid of back pain.

Faced with such unpleasant problem as blisters?

These bubbles are filled with fluid, are of different sizes. To get rid of this trouble, try ... mouthrinse. Just apply it three times a day to the affected area, and a blister will disappear very soon.

If you can not get rid of bad foot odor?

This problem is very delicate, and of her few pats. Take advantage of a national method: Apply the vodka on a cotton pad and wipe their feet. The unpleasant smell will soon disappear.

Do not stop the hiccups?

There is a simple but effective way to get rid of the annoying problems. Swallow a teaspoon of sugar - and the hiccups will stop after a few seconds.

Do you have oily skin face?

Suppose that this method is not pleasant, but effectively eliminates the problems faced by millions. Crush tomato and grind the resulting mass on the surface of the face. Sit down for several minutes and wash away all the warm water.

they suffer from headaches?

This advice may seem rather strange to you, but you will ... a pencil clamped between his teeth. This feature prevents the involuntary contraction of the tight jaw, which is observed in a state of stress and pain.

Why me before no one spoke about these methods? After all, these funds will always be at hand. Every time I am convinced that we should not look at familiar things from one angle. Non-standard use can be an excellent remedy for a seemingly unsolvable problem. No wonder they say: You live - and learn.

And your friends know how to effectively deal with hiccups and motion sickness?

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