How to grow cucumbers in the barrel. Great idea for all gardeners!

Many of us are very fond of fresh or canned crunchy cucumbers. No meal is complete without this delicious vegetable. There is nothing better than the cucumbers grown in the home, is not it? But they require a relatively open space in the garden. In cucumber broad leaves and tendrils and stems are brittle. Therefore, they are advised to be planted in a barrel. Certainly, you have in the country is an old barrel. That's putting it into the business!

be installed on site in a sunny location a few barrels. At the bottom of the barrel put organic waste: leaves, straw, tops, skins of bananas and other fruits and vegetables or weeds. No cooked food or any products that are poorly rot away. Also uses manure humus type. Fill the barrel up to the top.

In late May, a mound of earth in the barrel to the brim. Its fields and immediately plant a cucumber seeds. On the barrel should be approximately 9-10 seeds. Drop them off at a distance of 12-15 centimeters from each other.

After landing lap barrel polyethylene film or nonwoven material. In mid-June, when the weather is warm, the film can be removed from the barrel. Soon cucumbers grow and will trudge around the barrel. The wind did not disturb the plant, you can tie the stems to the barrel with a thin foam.

Care cucumber simple. Watered half buckets of water every 3-4 days if there is no rain. Do the weeding once a month.

With one barrel you'll get the same yield as a three-meter beds. Good luck to you in the gardening!

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