For all fans of LEGO: the original lamp from the jar to add novelty home decoration.

If your house is popular LEGO building blocks, you can hardly resist the desire to make a delicious light. From the usual small banks get extraordinary detail of the interior is very stylish and modern! In addition, banks beautiful shape you need to paint yellow, black sticky tape and flashlight. The most crucial moment - make LEGO-face scotch man. Apply your imagination and reverent attitude to the favorite designer: choose faces an expression that you love the most. After all, man can laugh, be angry or sad - just like a real ... Scotch easy to peel and emotion change at any time. Check the instructions in the video that allows you to do everything perfectly.

It should just put the flashlight into the jar, and the original lamp is ready! Lamp warm colors can be used as a nightlight in a child's room, decorate her living room and kitchen. And in a small jar perfect fit Circuits designer who ever lost! It's a good idea to store in the children's designer - such cheerful containers can be done and a lot of neatly folded to the constructor. Great idea, no little prickly things under his feet! The child himself will be happy to put the details in such a lovely banks. The process of creating LEGO-lamp is very interesting and accessible, so offer to do this little thing possible and on children, and adults as a holiday entertainment for guests.

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