Get rid of wrinkles and gray hair with just 1 exercise!

Sometimes you want to get in the past. You could use a lost chance to correct mistakes, to apologize ... But something I'm dreaming. And all because of the theme of this material. It turns out that with just one exercise can make time go backwards. Not in the world, of course, but in a single body. It's about the practice of yogis who use the gym for rejuvenation. And the most interesting thing is that you know this exercise since childhood ...

What say yoga?

As always when talking about yoga does not have to use all the words understandable, but there will be little. Thus, in the literature written that at the top of the forehead chakra person is Soma. This chakra is very important, because it secretes a nectar of the moon, which spreads energy flows throughout the body to the solar plexus. Nectar is the source of health and youth. But in the solar plexus chakra Manipur is that this is the nectar of burns, which leads to aging.

From the above, you can draw a simple conclusion. If you perevernesh body, the nectar does not fall on the solar plexus, and will accumulate in the head that will save your youth and even help develop special psychic abilities.

So, to save the youth of yoga recommend periodically take the following position:

Stand on the blades ("Birch»); handstand; headstand.
Methods of implementation

There are two ways to perform this exercise. One called Sarvangasana's an easier option - Viparita-Karani.

The main thing is that after you need to lower the legs behind her head, and then gently, vertebra by vertebra, down on your back and relax a bit.

Here is what they write about these exercises in the classical treatises:

Practice Viparita-Karani Mudra safeguard the skin from fading and hair from graying. Moreover, its implementation at regular darken the hair is completely gray even in humans.

As for the duration, the figures here range from 8 to 30 minutes per day. However, all authors agree that you should start with 1-2 minutes and gradually increase the time.

What science says?

Turning your body, you take off with a load of the circulatory system. In this position, it is not necessary to overcome the gravitational force when the blood passes through the lower part of the body. The brain gets more blood, as well as thyroid and the vessels of the legs a rest.

Furthermore, this exercise makes the spine more flexible and improves the condition of the muscles of the upper body.

Restrictions and contraindications

Perform each exercise in the morning before breakfast. Excluded from the diet junk food, otherwise the results will only worsen. Women should not perform an exercise during menstruation and pregnancy. In case of illness contracted while in Sarvangasane to 1 minute in Viparita-Karani - up to 5 minutes.

And remember, if you are in this position you can not relax, then you are doing something wrong or exceeds the classroom. Perform each exercise before the first discomfort.

We hope that this simple exercise will help you to keep youth long. At least in that position, you can think a little about the upcoming day. Tell a friend about this practice, improves health together!

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