Crib for all occasions: How to save time and clean even the dirtiest surfaces.

Daily cleaning takes a lot of effort, time and money - a variety of detergents for all occasions are expensive and can cause harm not only to children but also the adult organism. And they are not always at hand. In those cases where the house has no corporate or cleaner you want to save, giving up its acquisition, please use our tips!

1. Decorative glass bottles
If you are the proud owner of a beautiful, but uncomfortable for washing bottles - Mix salt, soap, warm water and a little zaley the mixture in the bottle. Shake several times and repeat the procedure if necessary.

2. Microfiber Sofa
If you have a couch made of microfiber, not mine it with water from the tap, because it can leave streaks, and even dark spots. To clean the dirty surface, use a first alcohol and then - distilled water. Cleaning algorithm is: first dunk, then rub with a dry stiff brush.

3. Marker on the floor
To quickly and inexpensively clean the floor of the marker - Use a toothpaste. Apply it on the painted portion, wait, and wipe with a damp sponge.

4. Burnt pots and pans
The problem of charred pots and pans will handle a mixture of soda and hydrogen peroxide. This is a simple and cheap way save you from a long process of cleaning - a minimum of effort, a good result.

5. Window frames
Before starting the contaminated sites generously sprinkle baking soda window frames. A few minutes later zaley of vinegar and wait for the reaction will take place. Take a cotton swab or an old toothbrush, carefully cleaned, and then wipe the seat with a damp cloth. Done!


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