17 tricks that will put things in order in your bathroom. From some I just love it!

Sometimes cleaning is absolutely no time, weekdays are in trouble, but to order it does not apply. What has become of your bathroom for the past week? Great if you still have time and keep track of a lot of small things, cosmetics and a variety of accessories for you is not no difficulty. Nothing nowhere scattered, all in feng shui. And what about those who have a tiny bathroom, small child, a few pets and a job that takes too much time and effort? So I would advise people to change their approach to life and try to spend less time cleaning! Better simply to maintain order with the help of tricks. And then the time to life does not remain ... Deal with your bathroom as it should!

1. Make a dispenser for soap or shampoo from banks. Very handy thing!

2. taynichok in the walls around the bathtub holds a lot of useful things.

3. Pollock is never too much! Do not forget about their decorative role.

4. I urgently need this stand dryer and curling hair!

5. Bright organizer solves a lot of problems with the location of small things.

6. The idea of ​​all the things hang on the wall belongs to those who are tired of the endless search for the right things. Without a doubt, it's wise!

7. Stand for candy and fruit for storage of cosmetics as well as possible.

8. Hanging plastic containers - the salvation for those who like to lose small items in the bathroom.

9. To know the idea before ...

10. Take a stand for luxury towels with their hands. And beautiful, and so practical!

11. Find the difference between the two pictures. How much space can be allocated for one rack with shelves! Now just all fit ...

12. Corner shelves in a small bathroom can be arranged at all four corners!

13. Here's how to store the decorations ... only my reach!

14. Use a bucket to collect useful stuff - constructive idea.

15. Toothbrush with protective caps. Comfortable and very hygienic!

16. By the door is easy to attach additional containers for bath accessories.

17. So you need to keep razors! I am sure this idea is embodied in the life on the weekends.

Bathroom should always be in order - it helps to maintain a good mood throughout the day. It's the room - one of the most visited in the house! Take care that there reigned a spirit of comfort. And do not forget to remind his friends that weekend must clean the bathroom!

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