An easy way to get rid of insomnia. These 7 poses from yoga will be able to do each.

Insomnia - this is the problem of the modern world. The moral and physical fatigue adversely affects the quality of sleep. Very bad when the end of a busy day the body needs rest, but because of insomnia fall into the arms of Morpheus to impossible. Worst of all, if it happens regularly. Have you suffer from insomnia? If so, what are some simple exercises to help cope with this. These seven simple yoga asanas can once and for all put an end to insomnia.

1. Upavishtha Konasana (posture angle in a sitting position)

2. Shlabhasana (Locust Pose)

3. Ardha shalabhasana (half locust pose)

4. Viparita Karani (posture bent candles)

5. Supta baddha Konasana (bound angle posture in the supine position)

6. Dzhathara Parivartanasana (posture stomach turning)

7. Savasana (resting pose)

As you can see, these exercises are not complicated. Take some time to implement them, you will be able to regain a healthy sleep. And do not forget to share this advice with your friends - they will be very grateful to you.

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