Now you can forget about the mosquitoes! Simple insect repellent made at home.

Along with summer comes time long evening gatherings, attacks on nature and singing songs around the campfire with a guitar. But all these happy moments can overshadow ordinary mosquitoes. Sometimes these pesky insects simply save not, they are ready to spoil their bites and the buzz of any picnic. However, escape from this army of bloodsuckers can be quite simple.

Even if you run out stocks grandmother balm "asterisk" as the means of mind spending money - do not despair. From these pesky insects, you can save a simple and reliable means, the ingredients for which there is in every home.

So, in order to prepare this miracle cure is needed:

table 9 percent vinegar; vegetable oil (suit anyone, whether sunflower, olive or other); shampoo (preferably with the smell that you like most).

small amount of each component are mixed together. Anyone who imagines himself James Bond, can all this "shake, but do not mix," but not to drink. As a result, you should get a viscous white liquid. She is not spoiled, so a mosquito repellent can be prepared for the future. Or leave for later, if you overdid it with the amount of ingredients.

Now, before going out you need to spread this means of exposed skin, and no one even close to the mosquito do not fly up.

Also repels mosquitoes lard and nettle juice. So if you do not hesitate to smell the bacon and you're not afraid to get burned nettles, then you can use one of these people's councils.

When the mosquitoes have bitten.

And if you forgot to use one of the above tips and you had the mosquitoes bite, then there are a couple of simple tools, to the bite does not itch:

The salt paste. For its preparation you need to mix a little salt with a small amount of water to make a kind of porridge, which is applied to the bite. First will be a little pinch, but the redness goes quickly and is not scratched. Vinegar and baking soda. The bite should be lubricated with vinegar and rub a pinch of baking soda. After this simple procedure, all the unpleasant consequences mosquito attacks literally evaporate. hope these simple tips will help you forget about the pesky mosquitoes. And now, during a picnic, no flock of mosquitoes will not distract you from communicating with teammates. And to your friends, too, did not spend forces in the war against insects, to share with them this record.

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