First aid for unconsciousness and head trauma. Remember this and tell others!

In some situations a quick response may save someone's life. But in such cases one desires, and the reaction is small. It should also be able to provide first aid to the victim. Today Editorial .cc offers you a list of actions to be taken when administering first aid man fallen into a swoon and received a head injury. Read these tips, they can come in handy at any time.

Head injury

1. The first step is to stop the bleeding, clutching the wound sterile cloth and attach to the head of something cold.
2. After that, certainly Call an ambulance or ask someone to do something from others.
3. monitors the breathing, heart rate, and the reaction of pupils to light up the ambulance.
4. If there is no pulse, respiration and reaction to light should begin to do CPR.
5. After restoring pulse and respiration, giving the victim a stable side position and warm it!


1. Expand the man on the side so that he choked, such as vomit.
2. To the language is not blocked airways overthrow the victim's head back.
3. Call an ambulance.
4. Watch for the presence of breathing.
5. If the victim is not breathing, start doing cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Finally I want to wish you good health. Let these tips do not you ever come in handy, but still on the safe side to share them with their friends and acquaintances, using social networks. Informed - it means armed!

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