How to survive in unbearably hot summer night: 20 tips to save you time and again!

Since childhood we are really looking forward to the arrival of summer, because when we were students, this time of year we only associated with holidays and leisure. We have grown, but the habit remained, and we're so looking forward to the arrival of summer. But, unfortunately, with all its charms, this time to bring a huge amount of inconvenience, and that we have to endure mosquitoes, ticks, and, of course, unbearable heat. To you it was easier to survive the hot summer nights, has prepared 20 essential tips.

1. Drink a glass of water at night
This will help you to restore the water balance of the body and protect against dehydration, which is waiting for you because of the excessive sweating at night and the constant movement of the bed in search of a cool town.

2. Take a refreshing dip in the shower
It is perfectly cool down before your bedtime.

3. Freshen up with a damp towel
Apply an ice pack or cold water soaked towel to the wrists, neck, elbows, ankles and knees to slightly cool the body.

4. Put a fan in front of a bowl of ice
This will help you to create the effect of the air conditioner. The flow of air will be cooled through ice.

5. Soak your feet in cold
This is another quick and effective way to cool the body slightly. You can even put the bowl beside the bed and lower back legs, if you wake up in the middle of the night from the incredible heat.

6. Turn off all appliances at night
They produce a lot of heat that can raise the temperature in the room.

7. Freeze sheet
Put it in the freezer before going to bed, but the best pre-wrap it in a plastic bag to keep it absorbed the smells of food. Then the bed sheet on the bed. This trick will quickly go to sleep until the bedding is not warmed up again.

8. Wet sheet
You can just wet sheet and use it as a blanket, which will soar.

9. Use cotton underwear
It is the ideal fabric for the summer, she did not hover, and the air circulates through it well.

10. Put a fan in front of the window
Lead fan in the window, so the hot air will go out.

11. Sleep in a spacious pajamas
If you can not sleep without clothes, opt for large, short and cotton pajamas, it will soar least.

12. Sleep itself
Sleep in a close embrace of a loved one can cause a lot of discomfort. Try to sleep alone, and in an attitude of "starĀ».

13. Sleep on the floor or in a hammock
The thing is that the hot air tends to go up, and the closer to the floor, the air temperature will be lower.

14. Include a minimum of light
Extinguish the light in the house as soon as possible to the heat from the light bulbs did not apply everywhere.

15. Hang wet sheet in front of the window
This will give you a few hours of divine coolness.

16. Give up a hot meal
Otherwise the stove or oven heat up the air in your home, and you will be much harder to fall asleep.

17. Open all windows and doors
Draught help you to drive to the apartment more fresh air.

18. Sleep outdoors
This advice is suitable only for those who have a private home or cottage.

19. Buy a pillow filled with buckwheat
It does not absorb heat as it does down pillow, so do not just save you hot nights.

20. Put the container in the room with ice water
The water evaporates and cools the room.

If you do not have air conditioning at home and in the room unbearably hot, you should remember these tips. And help your friends to cope with the heat, and to share with them these tips!

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