16 main reasons due to which we have to give up. Fight with them to achieve the goal!

Once the researchers conducted an experiment by placing a pike in a large aquarium. First, the fish can be moved around the aquarium, but after a while one part of a transparent thick glass fenced off, and Pike could not get there. She did not see a barrier, and each time come across an obstacle when trying to get to another part of the aquarium. Pike forehead struggled long enough against the glass, but once she dropped all attempts to do so, and even when the researchers removed the glass, the fish never tried to get into that part of the tank, from which it is separated by glass. She swam in a small space, while could use all aquarium.

So it is with people: we do not think that is possible, barriers that we used to be prevented, is long gone, and we can move forward and develop.

All the problems and obstacles, because of which a person give up, there are only in our head. Today, I gathered for you the 16 most common reasons due to which people give up.

Fight with these obstacles and never follow the bad example of the fish, which receded and did not even try to get to another part of the aquarium. Maybe we should make just one step to get a decent reward for their efforts.

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