You will need only 28 seconds to determine your ring size.

The most common of its size, people find rings in a jewelry store just before purchase. The procedure is very simple, and every salesperson helps determine not only the choice of decoration, but also with the necessary size. But often it happens that the ring fits perfectly, and within a few hours the owner understands the new things that it dangles or, conversely, too squeezes the finger. This is because that the thickness of the pin can vary depending on many factors: the time of day, health and body condition, season of the year. Few people know that in order to finally make the right choice, you will need at least three fitting, all at different times of the day. Who wants to ride over and over again in the jeweler, spending your nerves, time and money? That's why buying the ring is necessary to prepare well in advance and know exactly your size.

You need:

string; line; Calculator. the base of the finger thread are measured to obtain the length in millimeters, divide it with a calculator 3, 14. Done!
Note: If you - a born mathematician, you can do without a calculator.

Such a simple life hacking will help not only you but also your loved ones quickly and without leaving home know your ring size. Share this useful advice to their friends. Those who are not yet married, and those who love jewelry, it is certainly useful!

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