5 reasons why should not throw the old furniture. Give a second life to your favorite things!

Probably many familiar with the situation when the money redecorating there, and new furniture - no. Or furniture so expensive as memory, you do not want to part with it, but she does not want to fit into the interior - the lamp is not suitable for the style of table - in color, and with the carpet do not understand what to do. Yes, and domestic complain that this place if you do not act up in the garage, then in the garbage. We offer to your attention some of the reasons why the "old friend is better than two new ones." A good argument for relatives, is not it?

1. You can change the color

Obsolete item visible to the naked eye, mainly due to a faded surface. If the thing you value as a memory, or until you can not buy a new one - just update what you have. For example, with paint. If the interior is not monochromatic, it can only update the details. As an option - to reveal a drawer. The table will be bright and eye-catching, but it will not be like a child to the workplace.

Also transform furniture or decorative elements may be by means of adhesive film which consists of colored side, and an adhesive layer. The operating principle of her the same as that of the usual labels. A huge plus is that the modern manufacturers offer a fairly wide range of products: imitation wood, a material with a fun print or just a one-color fabric. The film is very easy to cut a suitable format, and you can hang doors, chests of drawers (check!), And much more. In addition, it is a budget option interior renovation. You can, for example, thus adding even brightness lamp. A big plus of stickers is that they are easy to tear off. Did not work? You can try again!

Table with colored boxes fits perfectly into the interior!

stickers can refresh the look of one color tables.

Lamp perfectly with the wallpaper!

2. Replace material

Type of furniture often spoils shabby and faded upholstery. The best way to refresh it - to pull the fabric. Some do it by yourself (and they do), and others ask masters. The only chëm is sure to get started, so it is that you're not going to give a new look outright junk. Even if it is a chair, which was once your beloved grandmother knitted sweater softest in the world, it's not worth it. First of all appreciate the convenience and reliability of furniture, and then decide what to do with it.

And if the furniture is not wiped, but it bothered texture or color? Gillette covers! This objective is easier than changing the upholstery itself. In addition, you will be a few options "clothes" for furniture (winter and summer, holiday and everyday, monotonous and colorful). You can change the covers on your own and wash when dirty.

This is a perfect accent chair in the living room.

Pay attention to the cover on the chair. Simple and tasteful!

3. You can change the size of

Perhaps you recently moved from the old into the new apartment and you have remained a small table that is too small for the new room. And guests do not have enough space and meals at home buffet table will not fit. What to do? Pruning legs - and a beautiful coffee table for the living room ready!

Resize can be many things, including - an ordinary carpet. If it is cut, it is possible to make a decent rug in the entrance hall, a couch for a dog or a rodent cells podstelit to prevent sawdust scatter throughout the house.

If the carpet in good condition, but just tired, and gather his bed in the loggia. In warm spring and summer time you can not just walk barefoot, but also to organize a mini-nursery for the baby, if there is no time to go out with him on the street.

The dining table can be easily converted into a coffee table!

This rug fits perfectly into the interior due to its small size.

4. You can change the destination of the object

Through imagination, a small portable ladder can be an excellent bedside table. She does not look bulky, and its contents can be seen at a glance. The only disadvantage is that if there are children in the house, on the order of a bedside table for a long time is not delayed.

Of the old lighting fixtures can create creative pots for plants. For example, the paste over colored paper and successfully fit into the interior. If the farm has an old trunk or suitcase - it can be adapted as a table for the living room. And inside the store that rarely needed: for example, the ancient filing magazines which throw a pity, and nowhere to go.

Pay attention to the nightstand. Original, is not it?

Do you know the flower pots light?

Treasure Chest for? No, for magazines!

5. Find things to a new location

Sometimes the absence of the necessary thing in the house - just a delusion. For example, it seems that not enough small hall seats to comfortably tie shoelaces, but this time the room stands proudly in a chair that no one uses. If the old bedside table does not fit into the new bed, it can be sent on to the balcony, put on her favorite flower pot, but in the locker to store manure.

Perfect for a table, which is a pity to throw away. Sorry, not everyone has so much space in the hall.

Before you part with furniture that will last your family for many years and could serve as much again, beware! Maybe it just is not in his place? Or it lacks a bit of paint? Ask yourself, how else can it be used? It's a great way to keep the family budget and use it on more pressing needs. Share this article with your friends. Perhaps they, too, will share with you the secrets that make the interior and you can update and save money!

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