The secret to a happy family life: 15 of the rules of the people who have been together for ages.

Many couples who have an eternity together, agree that a strong marriage requires hard work on both sides of the relationship. Respect and understanding - is the key to success. But there are other things that you should know those who are just starting to build a common future. Therefore, we have collected 15 of a happy family, who will share in this business experienced pair.

1. Interest of its second half, as the day passed.
Such things are not sincere become less pleasant even with time. Each of us like when at home waiting for a man who cares about how our day went. Especially when after a hard day soul mate could encourage advice and moral support.

2. Quarrels quarrels, but they should not ruin the relationship.
You can be madly in love with a man, but to be angry with him. No quarrel there is no relationship. It is proved that a couple who jointly seek ways of resolving conflicts, more durable. Also solve all the problems as soon as they appear, without postponing.

3. Keep a common hobby.
It does not matter whether it's fishing or macramé, most importantly - this activity should cheer up to you both. Joint work and leisure are combined.

4. Little surprises.
Your own person loves chocolate ice cream? Buy and spoil him sometimes. This will serve as a small sign that the beloved in your mind even when you're just doing the daily shopping list.

5. The kiss-hello when you come home. Kiss-now - goodbye.
According to statistics, men who every day kiss their wives before going to work, have a higher income than those who do not. And women are more likely to kiss his beloved does not hurt.

6. Do not be afraid to ask for forgiveness.
Each of us makes mistakes, and the sooner they will be able to fix it, the better.

7. Sometimes you have to spend with each other alone.
Now many people have a very tight schedule. Sometimes, we should reject all plans and just be together alone.

8. He treats his family as to her.
Your favorite family - your family, and vice versa. Call his mother from time to time, ask how things were going, congratulates.

9. Do not forget three important words.
"I love you" in the difficult moments - it is best that you can hear.

10. Empathy and care for loved ones, when he fell ill.
Take care of your partner when he is sick. Prepare a sick chicken broth, watch taking pills, and show compassion and try to cheer. Man, taken care of, is recovering much faster.

11. Cooperate with each other.
Share responsibilities. The cooperation will be honest, the closer will be the relationship. But it also makes an exception. For example, if watering plants lies with a woman, but she had a hard day at work, help her.

12. Watch what you say.
Tease dear man in the presence of friends - it's awful. It put him in an awkward position. Well too cute phrases that you call each other as best left secret from others.

13. Come on time.
Dozens of senseless quarrels could be avoided if we come in time.

14. Keep each other informed about their plans.
You're going to meet a friend after work? Okay, well you have fun. But warn if you are waiting at home, it is necessary. After all, your significant other also wants to rest easy knowing that you have everything in order.

15. Be spontaneous.
Surprise your loved one ticket to the concert. Accompany where not yet. It's great to strengthen your relationship.

The main thing - love each other just so.

Use these secrets and your relationship will be long and strong!

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