5 fatal mistakes. Read them and never do not do that!

The cause of depression is often very simple: destroy his own life, he becomes unhappy. And failure occurs even quietly to himself. We do not think about the correctness of the choice too often - immediately choose. It works all known scheme: after school, go to university, get married, find a decent job. And the sooner you will be successful in all areas of the better! No breaks in the race for happiness, because in order to be someone, you first need to work hard. In order not to suffer the consequences of reckless behavior and unconscious choice, do not let some mistakes. Always think about what's best for you.

1. Unsuitable persons
Choosing the wrong person, you're ruining my life. Both women and men from the fear of being alone often seek to accelerate relations. Perhaps that is why couples are now more likely to get divorced. Explore person close before bound him for a long time. Love should contribute to the improvement of the two partners, to make us better. Learn to feel good with yourself, and your man will come to you.

2. Inaction
You lot are not satisfied, but for some reason you do not change anything. Why endure the discomfort and constantly complain about life, if you can try to change it? By directing his forces in a constructive direction, can work wonders. If you choose option drooping hands, destroying their lives.

3. Long memory
Do you remember the past accurately, in detail, particularly - all very bad. Insults, negative experiences - something that drags you down, because it affects your character right now. Fear of a new relationship, based on previous experience of failure, fear that they will not take on a new job. Say goodbye to the past, come with him to rush - and you will be easier to live. Grudge destroys your life.

4. Compare
Comparing yourself with others, you yourself make yourself miserable. Stop doing it! Strive for self-development, try to be better than his former self, and learn new things. Other people got nothing to do with it, you - personality. Everyone has their own path.

5. Callousness
Do not be afraid to show their feelings. Relatives sometimes it is so important to feel that you care about them, and this, even a smile is enough. Do not hesitate to talk about love dear people - their joyful eyes you'll remember for a long time. Depriving yourself of emotions, you destroy your life.

These principles should be taught from childhood, and while happy people will be much more. Do not betray yourself, you can make your life exactly the way you want. You deserve the very best that you want for yourself.

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