The shocking statement of doctors: the constant use of oatmeal poses a health hazard!

Oatmeal has long earned a place of honor on our tables. She is the favorite type of breakfast at a lot of people around the world, because we all know about the benefits of oatmeal. This porridge envelops the gastric mucosa, normalizing its work. Also recommend eating oatmeal for 15 days to normalize weight. Plus, it can help to get rid of constipation.

But not everything is so smooth ...

Constantly eating oatmeal, and even in large quantities, is harmful and even dangerous for your health. The thing is that oatmeal contains phytic acid - a substance that delays the absorption of calcium in the intestines, and it can tell you every gastroenterologist.

Furthermore, phytic acid also leaches calcium from the bones, so take your time to sit on the oatmeal diet without consulting a doctor!

presence of phytic acid in the oatmeal is not to say that this product is to give up altogether. There are folk wisdom - everything is good in moderation. Stick to it, and the side effects of eating oatmeal you are not afraid!

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