Fytyr in Egyptian: delicacy, which will win your heart once and for all!

Fytyr - this Egyptian sweetness that in the classic version is made with cream "Magalyabiya." From this recipe, you can move and prepare a layer cake fytyr as with any filling sweet and salt. Fytyr can be made with meat, cheese, cabbage or any other filling on your taste. But today has prepared for you a traditional recipe of sweet cream in fytyra "Magalyabiya." Dessert turns insanely delicious and very fragrant!


For the dough:

2, 5-3 Art. flour; 250 g butter; 1 tbsp. milk; 1/2 ch. l. dry yeast or 5 g of fresh; 1 egg; a pinch of salt. For the cream;

1 egg; 1 tbsp. sugar (180-200 g); 3 tbsp. l. starch; 2 tbsp. milk; vanilla. Preparation:

1. In the warm milk dissolve yeast is necessary, then add the egg, salt and flour. Knead a soft dough, divide into 2 parts, each roll into a layer of softened butter and smazh.

2. Roll up the resulting layer in a roll, and then made him a snail. Close packing two snails in food polyethylene and send it on the shelf of the refrigerator for 2 hours.

3. While the snail cooled, can be cooked cream "Magalyabiya." To do this, grind egg with sugar and starch into a thick white mass, dissolve warm milk, put on a small fire and stirring constantly bring to a boil and desired thickness. Let cream cool to a warm state.

4. Get the dough from the refrigerator, but in no case do not knead it! And roll it into two layers with a thickness of about 5-10 millimeters. Put one layer on pan, the laid paper baking, top with the cream, and the second layer do a little more, so that the ends can be 2 cm to tuck under the bottom layer. Puncture the top of the fork and fytyra smazh its yolk, beaten with a little milk.

5. Put fytyr in a preheated 180 degree oven and bake for 25-30 minutes until a beautiful rosy color. Let cool slightly and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

This Egyptian delicacy you can eat as warm, until the filling is soft and cold when filling hardens. Always try to cook this delicacy for your loved ones!

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