How to communicate with people who irritate you: 7 successful psychological techniques. Remember!

Often each of us have to deal with people who are unpleasant and intolerable in communication. It may be too categorical, arrogant and cynical person. Mumble or a hypocrite. Barker or inappropriate joker. All people - different, and contact with a variety of the world is inevitable. No matter what situation you get a chance to talk with those who are terribly annoyed by their behavior: at work, in public transport, at a party with friends ... take this opportunity as a chance to become the coolest psychologist. You can do a nice conversation with anyone, if you listen to our recommendations! Calm, but calm. Nobody will bring you out of balance.

1. Use the power of the pause
As soon as something to embarrass you in a conversation, take a deep breath. No matter what you hear: a stupid joke, insult, retort, performed negativity. Do not be subjective! Your first negative reaction will set the tone for a tense conversation. And if it is an employee with whom it is necessary to discuss a plan of action or a business issue that is urgent? Inhale as you take a step back. It is best to pretend that you did not hear. Ignoring - great art, and it gives strength to carry on a conversation in the right direction for you. After a pause, go on a casual conversation.

2. Without prejudice
The person who you do not like, surely loved by many. Perhaps he has a child, a loved one, friends. There are those who love it - in each of us enough good and bad traits. If you're going to look at his companion biased, especially looking for some unpleasant moments in his behavior, nothing good conversation will fail. Remember, we only see what we want to see. Stay steady, does not take a negative position - and you'll be able to negotiate with anyone.

3. Turnover of "What if ...ยป
Start with the important question of the turnover, and you will be surprised how to change the reaction of others to your words. Assuming we can safely take on any developments. Assuming you can discuss serious issues and not without risk to quarrel with someone on the soul. Alternatives are many! This magical turn helps to find a compromise, use it more often!

4. Create personal integrity space
As soon as you notice that a person goes beyond the limits - to dissociate itself from him. During the conversation can be farther apart, briefly move. Imagine a luminous field around itself - a kind of energy shield. This will help you to stay in balance, even if the person tends to take away from your power.

5. Control yourself and be aware of the situation
You always have the right to stop the interlocutor who allows himself too much. Tell me what you do not want to speak on the proposed topic, if this question is too personal for you. Another way - to translate everything into a joke. With humor pointless to compete! Politics and religion - themes that immediately can be safely closed.

6. Give me a second chance
If a person said something not very correct towards you, you have the opportunity to ask again him. "What's that, I did not hear?" So you give the other party a chance to think again, to correct the situation. There is another way: to interpret any phrase quite different in their favor, without negativity. Not the fact that it works in all cases, but with some people helping.

7. What do not you like in people, always present in you
It is difficult to accept. But really, most of us annoy people, in something similar to us. What we do not like in others, first of all, we do not like in yourself. Ask yourself why it annoys me so? You'll be able to better understand themselves and to cope with their feelings. Anger and irritation arising at you in certain circumstances, be replaced by a rational attitude to the world.

With our tips you will become a diplomat, able to not pay attention to other people's shortcomings. It's difficult, but it will give you the ability to communicate in a calm and measured tone with anyone. Take care of yourself and your nerves! Tell a friend about how to cope with an unpleasant companion.

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