9 secrets of cleaning, maids who shared luxury hotels. Apply it at home!

Those who at least once visited as a guest in a truly luxury hotel could watch the work of the maids. It is incomprehensible how you can remove a large number of rooms quickly and at the same time clean. These women have a huge experience in this business, and they have their little secrets. They are happy to share. Their advice can be applied at home. Well, check?

1. First, the maids clean the mess.
Maids first scavenge, towels, dirty linen and things lying around. In the bathroom, you need to remove all placed jars, tubes and other accessories. First, they completely wash everything, but do not wipe the dust around things. All items are placed after the surface dries, do not go to divorce.

2. They use a microfibre cloth.
The best way to remove dust is a cloth made of microfiber. In second place - a cloth made of cotton, suitable old pillowcase or T-shirt. Do not use towels or polyester for cleaning.

3. The secret of how to quickly fill the duvet cover.
Remove the duvet cover inside out and lay it on the bed. Top quilt covered with a blanket. Fold them together in a roller so that the slot remained on top. Roller stretch through the cut. Also, this method can be seen in the video.

4. Curtains can be cleaned with towels.
To clean the curtains, please use a towel. They can knock the dust from the curtains, which settles at the bottom. Then propylesos floor.

5. Propylesos first, and then my.
Before wet cleaning must first be vacuumed. This is done in order to clean the floor were not wet hair and lint, which is difficult to remove. Always my floor, from the far corner toward the door.

6. Cleaners do not act immediately.
Treated with a cleaning spray the required surface and leave for a while. Take care of your business, and then come back and effortlessly wipe the treated area.

7. How to properly vacuumed.
Perhaps you hoovering, starting from the far side of the room. Maids first vacuumed most contaminated surface on the carpet, and then passed around the room. Thus, dirty place cleaned twice.

8. They enjoy not only the purchase of household chemistry.
Not all the maids are the purchase of household chemistry. Many of them use homemade remedies that are at times better stores. For example, a solution of vinegar and water clean most surfaces to a shine.

9. The maids are a special small brush.
Every centimeter of room with a small brush, certainly not clean. But it can quickly wash the contaminated ventilation grille or the seams between the tiles. At home, you can use a toothbrush unnecessary.

Convenient trolley with detergents accelerate the work of the maids. To the apartment - it is impractical. But if you have a large private house, then you can build a mini-version of the truck and use it.

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