27 signs of a good aunt. Without a sense of humor do not read!

To be a good aunt to his nephews - is a big responsibility, because my aunt, as parents, do not choose. These women play an important role in children's lives (not their own): caring, sharing experiences, give gifts, spend time together ... It's great to know that you love your nephews! Especially for you, lovely "girl", which has become a lucky "aunts", written by this article. Please who have little sense of humor, this material is not read!

So, here are 27 things that make you a good aunt:

1. For the first time taking on his hands newborn nephew, you whisper "so cute! I will love you cling together ».

2. For the first time he heard the nephew says the word "aunt" (or something very similar), you know that now on you too are responsible for this child.

3. All day proudly declares all his friends: "My nephew took the first step»!

4. listens: "Above, aunt, higher!" Every time his katana on a swing.

5. Whenever you come to visit, the children happily run up to you with hugs and kisses, and want to see new things, or tell you about new developments in their lives.

6. At each meeting for the children invent new games or penalties.

7. take them out of the bathroom after bathing.

8. You do with them what was not done before.

9. Do you like when niece playing with your hair.

10. shares the love of children for Hello Kitty, and Luntik Smeshariki.

11. Do you know what kisses and hugs can heal the wound better zelenki.

12. We are pleased to agree to the tea party "fun».

13. The more you nephews, the greater becomes your heart.

14. Children's questions about life makes you think about the fact that even before did not occur!

15. Do you like a child touching facial expressions when they open the gifts.

16. berezhesh in memory the moment when for the first time a children's palm pressed.

17. Even becoming older nephews vsë still ask permission to hold your hand.

18. Permission is granted to use ornaments, jewelry and other things that are just old enough to be valuable.

19. Speaking of his family, the children always remember you.

20. To you comes the realization that now someone else has to win at board games.

21. teach them to use a fork and knife, but say that the pizza that takes hands much tastier.

22. Nephews are shy and hide the new man for you safety.

23. A child or teenager trusts you enough to ask for advice.

24. They ask if you can put them to bed, and asked to tell the tale.

25. You get to the holiday greeting card in the form of heart.

26. Years later, they thank you for the experience that you shared when they were young. But in fact the experience of long-forgotten, and you realize that you had on their well-being is much more of an impact than anticipated.

27. You're not a mother or a friend. You - aunt, but it sounds good!

If you found yourself in these areas, then you can rest assured - your nephews you not only love, but also proud that they have such a great aunt! Tell a friend about this article, who have nephews. Interestingly, while they themselves recognize this list?

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