9 things with their hands, which is sure to make you feel comfortable in your home.

As you know, comfort consists of trifles. However, to create it is not so easy, it seems at first glance. It is important to be able to feel happy medium. After all, thanks to the "little things" easy to turn a house cluttered not only in the place of residence and the dust, but also to do it in the hospital empty and dull. The best way out of this situation - to add a few bright interior parts made with their own hands. Which ones? Chooses!

1. Pad Massager from real stones

This mat will not only be an excellent massage for your feet, but can even severe frost remind hot summer. To make this mini-massager, make sure that a simple bath mat has holes which will further drain the water. Smooth pebbles buy in hypermarkets for the home or garden, and glue them with silicone adhesive sealant. Very simple, but it's worth it!

2. Mug with original colors

Now at work in a big team it just do not confuse! Take a white mug, duct tape, spray paint gold or any color you liked. Using masking tape, removing the white part of mugs and apply the paint at a distance of 15-20 cm. Wait 30 minutes until dry and paint your unique mug ready!

3. Decorative lace lampshade

That's what will make the situation more romantic! Naduy balloon glue to it using PVA glue lace. Once the glue is dry (it usually takes about two days), bursting the ball and get him out of the lampshade. A simple idea, which carry the power of everyone!

4. Tanks for storing utensils or Chancery

Good idea to keep constantly losing nails and screws in the garage, plain small things - in the workplace, and cutlery - in the kitchen. If you have accumulated a little cans - do not rush to throw away - make a decorative holder for cutlery or different small things, which is easily lost. To do this, you need only 4 or 6 cans (optional), paints, brush, hammer and a small piece of wood. Now vsë be in the right place!

5. Decoration mirror

Simple decoration mirror that you can always beat differently. Take paper, glue, scissors, a little imagination - and soon you will succeed even better than in this photo!

6. City of cable

Already tired multimeter cable, which lies around the house? Make of it a decorative element on the wall. The idea is simple, but looks very impressive!

7. Photo Frame

If you are going to throw a long time frame from old pictures, make better use of it for your favorite photos! Remove the back wall, attach the string to the frame and develop printed photos using clothespins. This frame will look great not only in the hall, but in the bedroom, nursery or even in the kitchen.

8. Stylish pots of tin

Old tin cans can be used very original. Attach them on the edge of wooden clothespins, plant a small herb garden and a mini-ready! Creative!

9. Cords in a box

If you are ever prevent cords from recharges, and a laptop computer - hide them in a box which also can be decorated with colored paper or other decorative elements. Attention! It may be dangerous. Make sure that the heat will not harm the battery charger or cords.

If you liked the idea - tell them to friends. What other crafts with their hands do you do to diversify the interior?

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