6 well-known phrases that I would not want to talk to your children.

Until recently, it was difficult to imagine that I do not agree with the wisdom of ancestors who passed through the centuries and has reached our days. Vsë seemed sharp and clear: black - black and white - white. But it turned out that vsë not as easy as it seems at first glance. If you have children, you're probably more than once thought about the responsibility that lies on your shoulders. Read these 6 phrases that are not worth talking to children. It seems that my school taught to think that way!

1. You owes nothing!

In this life, you have a big responsibility: to be a part of positive change in this world. If you are not part of this movement, you're against it. You must show to all (and to themselves in the first place) kindness, compassion, patience, respect and compassion. Every human life is the head, he would not want to read out loud, but nothing prevents a person to be kind, is not it?

2. Respect is earned, not given freely!

This statement is very similar to the question: "Which came first - the chicken or the egg." Do you wait for someone to earned your respect before you first begin to respect him? And whether you assume that no one will respect you until you earned his respect? Can I get the respect, not allowing it? And is it possible to respect someone suggesting that automatically start to respect you? And if you do not earn respect for yourself, you should also treat people with disrespect? You are responsible for the way you're behaving independently of respect. So please, stay respectful and polite in all situations.

3. Just be yourself and people will know how you are talented (qualified indispensable)!

Compared to other phrases, this seems to be the most absurd, Come out of your comfort zone! Make its presence noticeable, because eating do not you ask, the answer will always be "no." Persistence and determination will help you move in the right direction. Just please, do not just go with the flow in the expectation that you will bring vsë not a silver platter. Remember the saying "the road by walking"? By the way, this brings us to the next point ...

4. Hard work pays off!

Except when it is not so! Sometimes, hard work and most diligent efforts to give a very terrible result: nothing. Yes, life is sometimes unfair. But in any case, you have to work, because if you do nothing at all, the result would be appropriate.

5. To be happy in this life, you have to have a career of your dreams!

Find 15 people and ask them whether they have a job of their dreams, and whether they are satisfied with life. I bet that the answers will surprise you. Not everyone needs a brilliant career to be happy. Some people work in a field that we dream about, but they are unhappy, while others do not have such success and live a bright, exciting life. There are those who are in awe of their careers, but they have not built up on the personal front. It turns out that work on the result is usually more useful than 30 years to be in anticipation of a great career and still live in the children's room in an apartment with their parents. To avoid this fate, you must be sure that it is able to earn a living, even if you do not manage to catch the tail of your dream job.

6. You are special!

You're no better and no worse, no more and no less than anyone else in this world. Every person that you know in chëm something better than you. And every one you know is struggling with something that to you seems very simple. Use your strengths to make this world a better place (when something good for others, it's good for you too). Ask for and accept help when you need it. And further. Do not behave as if anyone challenge or circumstance above you or below you.

What do you think about these statements? If you have children of your friends - to share with them our articles. They will certainly be interesting to know what the phrase children better not to say!

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