5 natural remedies to defeat headache. Proven Methods!

The main cause of headaches and poor memory - blocked blood vessels of the brain. Like all tissues of the body, the brain needs constant cleaning. Excess salt, fat, lime and toxins accumulate in the blood vessels, forming plaques. Cleaning vessels from excess cholesterol and other accumulated filth occurs naturally, simply add them to the menu of certain products! Flexible, elastic, young vessels will contribute to a good blood supply to the brain and its smooth operation. Check the list of products that will help to think clearly at any age! They are especially useful for those who suffer from headaches permanently.

1. Walnuts in honey
Grind the walnuts in a blender or mince. Add honey. The mass should be sufficiently thick. Optionally add a bit of cinnamon and ginger. Keep healing mixture in the refrigerator, do not forget to take it three times a day for 1 st. l. before eating. Walnuts even visually reminiscent of the brain - the substances contained in them, take care of the most important body as it should.

2. Onion juice with honey
1 cup of honey mixed with 1/3 cup of onion juice. Keep this is not too tasty, but very useful mixture in the refrigerator. Drink 3 times a day for 1 hour. L. In addition to cleansing of vessels, this tool has other health benefits - increased immunity.

3. Pomegranate, apple, carrot juice
Juice should be purchased - do natural juice yourself. The juice of this fruit is very good cleans vessels. Eat every day for half a glass of juice before meals, for better result - several times a day.

4. Infusion mug
Burdock course of treatment - a month. Dried burdock root. Pour 10 g of dried root boiled water and let them brew in a thermos about 10 hours. Strain the infusion, keep it in the refrigerator. Take 4 Art. l. means 30 minutes before breakfast. Burdock root is also very good for the digestive system.

5. Dried fruits and tangerines
Strengthen the overall health and help to purify the vessels these delicious products! Every day for half an hour before breakfast eat 1 tangerine, a handful of raisins and a few walnuts. After 15 minutes, be sure to drink 1 glass of water with lemon juice, even after 15 minutes - for breakfast.

Using even just one of these methods of purification vessels, you immediately feel the improvement. Memory will no longer fail, will remember the events that have long forgotten! At the end of the day - no fatigue, headache, heaviness in the temples. Normalization of the brain occurs in a natural way and, therefore, the effect persists for a long time. Fast and clear thinking, concentration, high concentration - all of this is due to the state of the blood vessels. How good that with the help of valuable food can take care of them!

These natural products - a powerful prevention of atherosclerosis. Share this article with your friends, and let the headache you never worried!

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