How to make perfect pancakes: this recipe - a godsend for each family!

Pancakes are very quick and easy to prepare dish that can be served with almost everything. They are both great combine with sour cream, jam, condensed milk, and meat, cheese and cheese. Today has prepared for you a recipe perfect pancakes. Why ideal? The fact that they can not mess up, and they are eaten immediately, even without toppings. And stuffing them in general has no equal! The secret ingredient of pancakes - starch. If you replace half of the flour starch can bake pancakes thinner, and if the dough brewing with boiling water, baking can be even thinner.

8-10 servings Ingredients:

600 ml of boiling water; 600 ml milk; 1, 5, Art. flour; 1, 5, Art. starch; 4 eggs; 3 tbsp. l. butter; 3 tbsp. l. sugar; 1 h. liter. salt; vanilla. Preparation:

1. Vzbey eggs together with the sugar. Then add the salt and vanilla.

2. Continuing to whisk, add milk gradually enter the flour and starch. These pancakes can experiment and add starch instead of rice or oatmeal.

3. Continuing to whisk, add the melted butter and boiling water in a thin stream.

4. At this point, making pancakes they should be left for 30 minutes, the dough of the present. You can then directly pancakes.

5. Filling depends only on your imagination, it could be fresh fruits or berries and jam and condensed milk.

6. Put the filling on one edge of the pancake, cover the sides and wrap it.

If you're a fan of pancakes, you should try to cook them just for this recipe. These pancakes will be your specialty. If you liked this recipe, I tell about it to their friends and girlfriends!

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