Salted cucumbers for 2 hours: express recipe that every woman should know.

A distinctive feature of the Slavs is the ability at any time of the day or night to open their doors to relatives, friends or loved ones. A together with the entrance doors tend to slightly open the account and the refrigerator door. And though there ... ball Roll! Common situation? Of course, each family probably in store various rapid recipes that come for help if you need to quickly organize a table for unexpected guests. You do not know what to submit to the chips? Of course salted cucumbers!

The recipe for pickled cucumbers


1 kg of cucumbers; 1 head of garlic; 2 tbsp. l. sea ​​salt without slides; dill. How to prepare:

1. Cut the cucumber how do you like and put them in a bag or container with a lid.
2. Add sea salt and mix thoroughly to prosolilsya each piece.
3. Grind garlic cloves and put in a container (bag).
4. finely cut dill and mix with cucumbers.
5. Close the lid on the container (bag can be tied) and carefully shake the contents.
6. Leave in a cool place for at least two hours and enjoy the excellent taste!

salted cucumbers - the perfect snack for those to whom descended unexpected guests. What kind of recipes you come to the rescue? Share this article with your friends, and you can safely go to visit them. Now you just do not stay hungry!

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