How to get rid of a bruise folk remedies. Save just in case!

After injuries bruises. Unfortunately, they often remain visible on the skin for a long time. What do you do when an important event on the nose, and to appear there in all its glory, and expensive pharmaceutical agents did not want to help? In this case, the aid will come traditional medicine. It is fast, efficient and painless helps remove ugly bruise.

cold and heat
If you just hurt yourself, then you apply something cold. It would be the best ice in a bag wrapped in a towel. The cold will not be formed edema. A day can start periodically thermal procedures. Is applied to the affected area warm salt in the bag. So the skin will be better able to recover.

If you already have a bruise, then take a couple of leaves of cabbage, otbey them with a hammer to lightly go juice, wrap in cheesecloth and tie up to the place of injury.

compress onion
Sodium purified onion on a fine grater and add to the weight of a tablespoon of salt. Then put gruel on a gauze and apply it to the bruise. Do this two times a day but not more than half an hour. To remove the smell of onions, rub the skin with a solution of water and lemon or vinegar. Then wash skin well with soap.

Soak the cloth in a saline solution, and make a bandage. You can try it this way: Take 1 tbsp. l. salt to 1 tablespoon. A 9% vinegar. Moisten a cotton wool in the solution and apply it to the bruise 3 times a day for half an hour.

Perhaps now this information is irrelevant for you. But in life everything happens, so read it and keep on the safe side, it is worth. And do not forget to share with your friends!

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