This guy has a smile for all 232. No, that's not a typo. Such doctors have not seen!

It all started with a swollen cheek ...

Such doctors have not seen in their practice. A guy named Ashik Hawaii (17) Consult your doctor about toothaches. His right cheek was badly swollen due to a benign tumor in the jaw.

chief dentist Sunanda Dhvare-Palvankar told the newspaper "India Times" about the amazing discovery: during the operation to remove the tumor, doctors discovered a total of 232 teeth in the jaw of a young man!

Doctors took 7 hours to remove all the extra teeth.

This unusual phenomenon has arisen in the jaw guy because of a benign tumor, which over the years has grown with the boy.

After the operation, the doctors were looking at different sources of any similar cases, but to no avail.

«We believe that this is a world record, but should be carried out even more research to confirm it», - i> said Dhivare-Palvankar.

Hawaii before noticed that with his mouth that something was wrong, but could not see a doctor.

«He comes from a very poor family, they simply do not have the means to get medical care», i> - the doctor said.

But when the tumor has become too prominent and have already prevented the boy, the family had to go to the hospital.

Transaction costs took reign of the Indian state of Maharashtra in the framework of public health insurance.

«Hawaii can now live in peace», i> - I assured the doctor.


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