Do you think that the dog - the most faithful animal? These photos will prove to you that you're wrong ...

Many people say that cats are not as loyal to their owners than dogs. But these cats are rather exceptions to the rule. These pictures of cats waiting for his master's at the window, will change your attitude to these animals.

Various scientific studies have shown that cats are likely to be less attached to us than we are to them. Studies show that a cat, whose owners had gone away for a short while, will not run to meet them on arrival. Nevertheless, the majority of cat owners (including me) have a lot of evidence of cat love - from the morning murchaniya and feet to massage pads awful gifts in the form of mice and birds.

Photo: Milos Jovanovic

Photo: Anna Kryczkowska

Photo: Unknown

Photo: Susanne Stoop

Photo: André Viegas

Photo: Justyna Zduńczyk


Photo: Sarah Jane

Photo: ihdval

Photo: Aleksey Ivanov

Photo: Roto Fam

Photo: Jennifer MacNeill

Photo: Jennifer MacNeill

Photo: naturehd

Photo: rustyjaw

Photo: Ben Torode

Photo: Francesco Nardi

Photo: drunov

Photo: Igor Pereira

Photo: whitneybee

And your cat is just waiting for you in the evening? If yes - to share these photos with your friends!

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