Chinchilla in the house

Originally šinšillki s of the Andes, South America. In the natural environment they live in small groups and feed on fruit and plants. Unfortunately, these animals were almost exterminated man because of the very valuable fur used for clothes. But this time these lovely animals taken under protection. At the moment chinchilla is listed in the Red book of the International Union for conservation of nature and natural resources. Recently furry animals have become very popular as Pets and you can meet them at home almost as often as yarsinsky Terriers, parrots or fish.

So why did they become so popular now? One of the important factors is undoubtedly their gorgeous fur. According to Wikipedia, the per square centimeter have more than 25,000 hairs. This animal has no sweat glands and it is absolutely odorless and sheds very little which makes it hyperallergenic.

Since chinchillas are no sebaceous and sweat glands, as mentioned above, to bathe in regular water, it can not, as it does not rests on the surface. But this does not mean that water is deadly for her. As a rule, for getting rid of dirt and excess fur, the animal bathes in volcanic dust or sand.

How many lives chinchilla? Official figures say that they can live up to 20 years, and to multiply up to 12-15 years.

Eating animals is not very fussy and it is sufficient to pour the feed once a day. Favorite treat is dried grass, also chinchilli love to gnaw the branches of trees. But in any case it is impossible to use hardwoods such as oak, beech and so on. As a pet chinchilla is almost equal to cat or dog. Having opened the beast and gradually accustoming it to yourself, you will understand that chinchilla is a very loyal animal with its own character, habits and ability to be offended if today it is not played.

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