Harrowing video wedding dance daughter to his dying father. You can not hold back the tears!

She was on the nose ... They own wedding with her fiance had planned to play it in a completely different place. But circumstances forced the girl to do otherwise ... Lisa Wilson abruptly changed plans and did everything possible to dance a traditional wedding dance with her father. To do this she had to hold the wedding ceremony in the wrong places.

To dance the long-awaited wedding dance with his father, dying from a severe form of cancer, she underwent wedding action from the restaurant directly in the hospital ward.

Lisa admits that dreamed of a very different wedding: «No, that's not a dream bride ...» i> But this is the last thing she could do for her beloved father on their wedding day. When she told the pope about the change of plans, he immediately began to protest, because he was afraid that he will not have the strength to get up and dance with her daughter.

Then Lisa said this: «You do not have to get up. I just want to dance this dance is important to me, holding your hands ». I>

Before David Wilson died Tuesday night, Lisa had time to dance the last touching wedding dance with her beloved father of the song «I Will Always Love You». The video shows that she can not hold back the tears, but she continues to smile beaming smile, to somehow maintain his sick father.

This is the last best gift that a daughter could do lying on his deathbed, his father. You can not without tears watching this farewell dance. Share this sad but beautiful video to friends.



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