Breakfasts children from around the world. You have no idea what they are fed ...

Have you ever wondered what people in other countries have breakfast? If yes, then here's the answer to your question. Editorial specially prepared for you a selection of mini-stories and photographs that will tell you what to eat kids from around the world for breakfast.

The Americans did not work out with fantasy, so most of the average citizens of the USA small breakfast dry breakfasts tucked cold milk. The amount of sugar in these breakfasts just rolls!

Breakfast child from Burkina Faso, for example, can include millet porridge. In Japan, it may be rice and natto (a paste made from fermented soybeans). In Jamaica, children eat mushy mixture of cooking bananas, peanut or corn meal in New Zealand - toast "Vedzhemayt" salty paste made of brewer's yeast, and in China - Juke, which is a rice porridge, gruel, covered with marinated tofu slices of dried meat or eggs. Just do not be surprised if in Cuba, Brazil and elsewhere in Latin America, you will see very young children, sipping coffee with milk in the morning. In Pakistan, children often drink milk with ru-Afzali - bright red syrup from the fruit, flowers and herbs. Swedish filmyolk is one of dozens of varieties of dairy products that you can try during breakfast across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. In southern India, the child can start your day with idli - paired cake from fermented lentils and rice. Surprising is that in many parts of the world child's breakfast - barely warm, acidic and consists of fermented ingredients.

Saki Suzuki, 2 years and 9 months, Tokyo, Japan
For the first time Saki tried natto, when she was only 7 months. At the time, it was sick, what Asaka, her mother was not surprised: the smell of this dish is really an amateur - vaguely reminiscent of canned cat food. Despite all this, a paste made from fermented soybeans became the most favorite food little Saki. This dish is a part of traditional Japanese breakfast, as well as boiled white rice, miso soup, but kabocha Nimono (stewed in soy sauce and pumpkin kabocha sweet sake), pickles, Tamagoyaki (roll of omelette) and grilled salmon.

Guntse Gursou Dog, 8 years old, Istanbul
Saturday breakfast Doga includes clotted cream (toast with honey and melted cream), olives, fried eggs with spicy sausage sukuk, butter, eggs, cooked in a cool, pekmez (thick grape syrup) with tahini, a set of cheese with goat, sheep and cow milk, quince and blackberry jam, pastries, tomatoes, cucumbers and other fresh vegetables, kahvaltilik Bieber salkasi (paste, made from roasted red peppers), halva with hazelnuts, rich dessert, and milk with orange juice.

Nathaniel Vitchev Picard, 6 years old, Paris
Whenever Nathaniel in his father's house, his breakfast is the same. It consists of a kiwi, Tartini (half a baguette with butter and blackberry jam prepared by his grandparents), cold cereal with milk and fresh orange juice. On weekends, Nathaniel enjoying croissants and homemade dessert, which he was taught by his grandfather pastry.

Emily Katoomba 7 years Chitedze, Malawi
Family Emily breakfast very early - before 6:00 am. That is what the breakfast in this family: phala (porridge made of corn flour, soybean and peanut), heavily roasted frittery corn flour, onion, garlic and red peppers, cooked sweet potatoes and pumpkin, as well as dark red juice of hibiscus flowers with sugar . Some mornings Emily drinking sweet black tea. This girl was very lucky, because half of Malawi's children suffer from malnutrition.

Birthe Gudrun Brinyasdottir, 3, 5 years, Reykjavik, Iceland
Oatmeal Birt - one of the main dishes Icelandic breakfast. Oatmeal prepared with water or milk, often tucking her brown sugar, maple syrup, butter, fruit or yoghurt. Birthe and drink cod liver oil for breakfast, as it is the only source of vitamin D, available to Icelanders.

Viv Boudreau, 5 years, Amsterdam
For Viv usual breakfast has a glass of milk and bread, unsalted butter, and, most importantly, the sweet crumbs that produce different flavors (chocolate, vanilla, fruit). These sweet crumbs, so-called "hailstorms" pasting are the most popular sandwich among the Dutch. Viv favorite flavor - fruity and her twin sister Rose - Chocolate.

Aritz Dominique Ferreira, 4 years, and Hakim, Jorge Ferreira Gomes, 2, San Paolo, Brazil
The cup Aricia - chocolate milk, while in the cup Hakim - coffee with milk. It is not madness, it is a tradition. Many Latinos believe that coffee has a lot of vitamins and antioxidants, and that coffee with milk helps their children to better concentrate on their studies at school. Also, a brother and sister eating sandwiches with ham, cheese and butter.

Philip Kamtengo, 4 years, and Schelin Kamtengo, 4 years, Chitedze, Malawi
Philip and his twin sister Schelin start the day with chikondamoyo (sweet corn pie), which for them every morning preparing their grandmother Dorothy Madis. Their breakfast includes even boiled potatoes and very sweet black tea.

Koki Hayashi, 4, Tokyo
If Koki and his older brother was the right choice, then they certainly prefer sweet American breakfasts. Their mother, Fumi, indulge from time to time with cold cereal with milk and donuts, but still want them to grow up with an understanding of what real Japanese cuisine. And Koki eat green peppers with a little dried fish, fried in oil, soy sauce and sesame seeds, hot rice with raw egg and soy sauce, kinpira (dish- cell with lotus root, burdock and carrots, served with soy sauce, mirin - sweet rice wine), miso soup, grapes, slices of Japanese pear and milk.

Oyku Ozarslan, 9 years old, Istanbul
Breakfast basis Oyku eat black bread. She combines it with olives, Nutella, sliced ​​tomatoes, cooked hard-boiled eggs, strawberry jam, butter and honey, as well as an assortment of cheeses.

Thiago Bueno Young, 3, San Paolo, Brazil
Thiago is very to taste chocolate milk. Flakes with cold milk - a favorite food of the three children of the family Yang. Here Thiago eat cereal, banana cake, sweet bread with a Brazilian soft cream cheese.

While reading, he was hungry! You can imagine such imagine. However, some dishes never tried to taste, such as fermented beans.

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