Who did not see it, he would hardly believe ... 25 pictures on trade in the Soviet Union!

For more than 20 years, there is no country called the Soviet Union, but the memories remain. Today I want to show you one way of life in this country - trade. It is not in the Union of diversity and exuberance of choice.

This is the most common food department in 1959. As you can see - the counter and cabinet empty, something strange hanging behind the seller seems to be the meat. B>

1987. Selling ice cream. The choice, as you see, is not great. More precisely, it absolutely is not. But it is good to eat. B>

1965. Design? And why invent something? All the shops were called simple and clear: "Bread", "Milk", "meat", "Fish». B>

1966. This supermarket. Cashiers are an abacus, and checks are strung on an awl. On the shelves - pack with tea, cookies or something else. Next - a bottle with something mysterious and structure of canned fish, without them anywhere in the Soviet Union. B>

1968. It's only been two years, and appeared at the box office cash registers. Progress! You can see the basket in which the inhabitants of the Union piled their purchases. On the shelves - cans and bottles of sunflower oil. B>

1972. In this photo you can see a selection of goods in the Soviet Union. Sprat, sunflower oil, and something like condensed milk. Products - at least, but a lot of cans. B>

1967. No, it's not a museum. This is the usual division in the House of the book. Now, they are crammed volumes of all kinds of literature, and then they were portraits of Lenin and the Politburo. B>

1967. Toy astronauts. And by the way, the price is very reasonable - only 70 kopecks. B>

1979. Moscow. People are waiting for the opening of the grocery store. In the showcase - the banks with jam. It is likely that a single species.

1980. Novosibirsk. Again supermarket. Shelves with dairy products, canned fish and groceries. B>

1980. Novosibirsk. Furniture is also not surprising diversity. In the background you can see the athletic department with swords, weights and other things. B>

1980. Queue in the vegetable department. On the counter - cucumbers, which could catch only at the beginning of spring. B>

1981. Moscow. Shop with dairy products. On the way there are people with awful scarce imported children's wheelchairs. B>

1982. And this market. Here the choice was much more than in stores, and at a price you can bargain. B>

1983. The line of footwear. Shoes swept from the shelves, especially imported.

1987. Electric. There simply are no words. B>

This in-depth range of shoes in the Soviet Union.

meat department. The Union wanted to have a butcher friend, because the meat was hard to get crazy. B>

Cutting sausage, which snatch away a few minutes later.

Color TV while you could buy for a salary for six months.

Look at these photos a little crazy, because we are used to a very different reality. We belong to a society of consumption, which spoiled an abundance of products and their product range. But, oddly enough, older generations often miss the Soviet Union, and it means that happiness did not in consumption. Share these pictures with your friends!

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