Forget about the feelings! True love - it is a conscious choice.

The theme of love is relevant at all times. Should I treat seriously the euphoria and "butterflies in the stomach" and marry at the first love, or to be more practical and carefully planned relations with the passion? Blogger foreign publications Seth Adam Smith affects these questions in the history of his life.

My wife and I have known each other since college, but began to occur much later. As a result, we were just a couple of weeks visits to understand what we are up to their ears in love and want to get married. I>

I was with both hands! I even offered to sign immediately in Vegas (Seriously). However, Kim was more practical in this matter. She wanted to plan everything well. I>

I immediately lost enthusiasm. "We are so different - I said. Do you like to plan, whereas I like to be spontaneous ». I>

Kim's eyes widened. "I can be spontaneous!" - She said hurriedly. "I can be very unpredictable. You just need to tell me in advance when you want spontaneity, and I write it down in your diary ... ». I>

I looked at her, puzzled. She said absolutely seriously! It was clear that Kim has no idea about the meaning of the word "spontaneity». I>

It may sound funny, but the more I think about that conversation, the better I understand that plan and choose who to love - it is perhaps the most beautiful in the most love. i>

I heard that love - it's unconditional commitment to an imperfect person. i>

And this is true. i>

When all butterflies have long departed, and your wedding day becomes just a distant memory, you realize that you married a girl that is as faulty as you are. And she, in turn, is aware of over time, you can have problems, quirks, strange body odor - the same as her, and you just can deal with anything and get into trouble. i>

Then you will see what real love - is not only a spontaneous feeling of euphoria, it is a conscious choice, plan to love one another "in sorrow and in joy, in wealth and in poverty, in sickness and in health, till death do you part ". Of course, you do not choose someone who just attracts you, but opt ​​for being in whom you fell in love and, moreover, continues to love. I>

Our society puts a lot of emphasis on feelings. We are taught to always follow your feelings and do what makes us happy. But feelings are very fickle and fleeting. At the same time, true love is like a polar star in the storm of life: it is constant, reliable and authentic. If we lost or confused, we can always find strength through love that we have chosen. I>

In addition, life and so provides us with enough spontaneity: failures, job loss, heartache, disappointment, despair, disease and many other problems. We can not escape from the ship of our marriage every time we have a storm catches. In true love we need to wait out the storm of life together. I>

When my grandmother was 50, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis - degenerative disease that destroys the body's ability to interact with the nervous system. In just a few years, my grandmother lost the ability to walk and was confined to a wheelchair. Grandpa, who at the time worked as a chief of police, had to retire two years earlier to take care of the old lady. He helped her in everything - from the movement in the house and trips to the doctor before taking the medicine, and the bathroom. I>

In a conversation with my mother about my grandmother grandfather once said: "It hurts me to see her like this. You know, when I got married, I thought that everything would be easy and smooth. I could not imagine that I would have to help her change the catheter every day. However, I do it, and it does not bother me, because I love her ». I>

Love - it's much more than the occasional feeling of euphoria. But true love is not always intoxicating, sweet and pleasant. Most often, the love has rolled up sleeves, hands in the dirt and sweat on his forehead. Genuine feeling is asking us to do heavy things - to forgive and support and comfort in difficult times, and to take care of the family. True love is not easy, it does not look like a wedding day, but, nevertheless, is much more meaningful and beautiful. I>

Recently, I came across a great quote: "Fall in love not by choice, but on the occasion. Love still not accidental, but working. Fall out of love - is to blame is not the case, and the choice ». I>

When my wife and I are faced with the problem in our marriage, we do our best to choose love. We are not perfect, so our love is now much more real and more beautiful than we ever expected. I>

So, no matter how sudden the storm started on our way - I plan to love his wife. i>

So, if you really love someone (and it's a one-) - treat your feelings as to the hard work. But just consider that this is the most rewarding work in your life. Happened to this post with your friends!


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