This baby is the first time I saw my mother. But no one expected him SUCH ...

The relationship between the child and the mother has formed during the development of the baby in the womb. It is based on a sense of motherhood, love, tenderness, warmth and harmony. Sometimes just how strong this relationship can be simply amazing ...

More recently, the network has the video of childbirth by caesarean section. The very appearance of a baby into the world is not particularly from other genera, but what it did after the crumb will melt even the most callous heart. Nurses raise a child, to the first time he saw his mother, but his reaction was so cute ...

The kid hugged his mother's face.

Even though they just met, he knew that his mother loves him.

When the child tried to pull, he shouted, and wept. It seems to move away from mom he did not want. All this can be clearly seen in the video. B>

It's amazing how strong may be innate instincts. The child feels that he needs to be with his mother during that whatever the cost. B>

Life itself - is a great miracle. But this kid probably makes it even 1,000 times better! This is a true son of his mother (in this case, the expression does not have any negative color), which certainly will keep this video forever.


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