PA - like a lot to me that word. This touching video about the role of the father sneaks to tears!

They are our support and a strong foundation of a complete family. These are the first teachers, we meet in the course of life. Around them we find our refuge in time of need. The family of hard to do without a strong male shoulder loving dad ... Dad - this is our protector and the head of the family. Its role in the family - priceless! Father - a loving husband and a living example of courage, courage, care and protection. Whatever they do, they do for the family. Family - is what fills their lives with meaning. This video is dedicated to all fathers. Our Pope - a strong half of humanity, but they also need affection and warmth that they give to his wife and children.

Talk often to your fathers kind words. Strong them health! Share this touching video to my father, because they are so in need of your support ...


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