28 original sketches from the most unexpected plot twist ...

Our world is actually very simple. But it depends which angle and which side did you at this stage of life you see! All is not what it might seem at first glance. Over time, you can look at familiar things again and see in them something previously unknown. The artist, known on the web under the name Tango, it was able to show through a variety of visual effects. Talented an amateur has created a series of simple minimalist comics, which, when you're close to them priglyaneshsya, will amaze you with its depth and wit. Simply by looking at these pictures for the first time, you can hardly guess the subsequent story of what is happening. This is called - imagination, full of meaning ...

We are using our minds create our lives. The reality presented in a series of funny comic, unexpected and interesting. Share these original visual illusions with friends.



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