The script for the new film of horrors «Impossible Things» is written with the participation of AI

Artificial intelligence (so-called weak its shape) has recently engaged tightly in the art. AI handles photos, draws pictures, makes arrangements to musical works, generates a design space and people's faces. Now artificial intelligence started writing the script for a horror film.

Why involve the AI? According to the authors of the project, it is now designed for movies so many story lines that come up with something new is difficult. But you can make a movie of the elements of plot lines already existing works. Authors typically new scenarios and arrive, but they are used, firstly only a small part of the material - that is remembered. Secondly, people find it difficult to objectively assess how individual storylines, and the resulting script as a whole. As a result, 87% of new films fail at the box office.

Artificial intelligence can analyze massive amounts of data, ranging information on various criteria. AI The problem is that to make solid storyline, appealing to human and logical in general, it can not. An example is the short film «Sunspring», the screenplay for which was written entirely AI.

Almost complete nonsense. The only thing that can justify the AI ​​in this case - there are a large number of films created by people where the meaning and narrative logic, no more than «Sunspring». AI should say: "I am an artist, I see."

Therefore, the authors of «Impossible Things» project decided to use AI to search for the original and most popular among cinema audiences the story lines, the individual elements. And make it all into one man should.

We are talking about the film «Impossible Things». Here is a story of a family that loses little daughter. In order to recover from the experienced, the family left for a vacation home. Mother is rehabilitating homes, developing a design of rooms for his two other children. But things do not go according to plan - she begins to hear voices, sees a strange woman, and faced with the spirit of the child, like her daughter.

Authors of the project believe that the person in the creative process can not be replaced. AI can help him, but so far the talk about human computer replacement is still very early.

So how it works?
The filmmakers use Natural Language Processing (NLP). They fed AI thousands of elements of different story lines to hundreds of movies, giving the system information on the film's popularity, the amount of box office and the rankings.

Developers have created more and graphical user interface for your system. The result was a platform that analyzes the individual elements of the plot films with a demonstration plot in popularity in various US regions. AI also attempts to predict the return of films with the inclusion of the proposed storylines.

After selecting individual elements 10-20, which collectively by AI estimated maximum yield of popular films, writers, people are beginning to be whole story.

What already?
AI did everything I was supposed to, and people have written on the basis of scenario analysis. He is ready, the film can be removed. The only thing that prevents filming at this stage - the lack of money. The funds required are not many, about 30,000 Canadian dollars. And the idea of ​​the authors are trying to raise money on Kickstarter. For three days collected the fourth part of the required amount, and until the end of charges - another two months. It can be expected that the money will be collected, and the film will be shown on the screens. Investors who sacrificed the amount of C $ 1,000, will be able to gain access to the software used to create the script. Access is granted for six months.

I would like to capture are completed as quickly as possible - then it would be possible to understand what is the movie, and whether the AI ​​is really able to improve the quality of the film. Maybe it is, but there is also a problem, as the vision of the director, the quality of the survey operator and acting. If all of this will be on top, you can talk about the success of the film.



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