Competing with other teams, these four had hoped to win. What they got in return - is priceless.

The story of this remarkable victory and friendship has managed to fly around the world. On November 9, started a competition between 53 teams for the title of the best in extreme sports. Michael Lindnorda team, which consisted of 4 Swedish athletes also took part. To win, they had to cover a distance of 700 km and conquer the height of 4 km, traveling on foot, by bike or kayak.

pausing Lindnord shared a meal with a wounded stray dog. When the group moved on again, there were already five. The dog would not leave them a single step. B>

Through the gorges, lush forests, the Amazon basin, highlands and thickets of mangrove plants - dog fearlessly followed the team. Several times the athletes even had to pull the poor out of the mire. B>

The last stage of 59 km in length - rowing. Organizers warned athletes that they did not take the dog with you - too dangerous for the health of the animal. This team, in fact, made - left the dog behind. But then the unthinkable happened - dog jumped into the water and swam after them.

Soon fluffy adventurer who did not want to give up, pulled out of the water and dragged into the kayak. Since then, Arthur - the so-called dog - has become an integral part of the team Lindnorda. B>

Christer Goransson recorded the trip in photographs, and so did Arthur's famous.

«November 18th, our team arrived in the city of Quito - the capital of Ecuador. We were 19-bubbled. But there we all were waiting for a myriad of cameras that are hunted for our four-legged friend ». I>

«I went to Ecuador with a view to win in the competition, and in the end found a new friend». i>

Due to its endurance and strong will beat Arthur: he found his new home - he lives now Captain Lindnorda.

Impressed by what happened captain Lindnord founded a charitable foundation, which aims to help homeless animals find a home.

Lindnorda team failed to win in the competition. But instead of athletes have found something more - a true friend, who will remain faithful to them until the end. Arthur also has a new home - the one about which he probably always dreamed of.

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