These dogs probably would have won in competitions. But who needs a victory if there snacks?

Owners of purebred dogs like to show their pets in the best, especially when it comes to various contests and competitions. Dogs are also not averse to take part in such events, they are happy to perform all the things they have been taught the hosts, but sometimes have their instincts.

Golden retviver had to go through the track with a bunch of interesting things and goodies without being distracted by them. But the dog chose another option ...

Apparently, this mils decided to eat everything and examine all the items - much more interesting than to do what is required of him, and get a reward in the form of pats on the head. And rightly so.

Another hero of the video appeared to be more disciplined. However, to reach the finish prevented him "call of nature" that it happened at the wrong time. The hostess was probably very disappointed, but scolded her dog was not for that.

Though dogs and brought its owners, we are confident that the owners were angry for long, because it is impossible to take offense at those who so much love.


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