This dog - a true symbol of devotion. I thought that this only happens in the movies!

Two years ago, a dog named Mary went to the hospital for the first time with its owner. He was a little sick, but nothing serious in sight. However, soon host health has deteriorated and he died a year later. But the dog could not believe it.

Here in the hospital, Maria was the last time looked into the eyes of his master.

The dog could not forget his master, because she loved him so much ...

dog every day for a year, came to the hospital reception - the place where she had seen his master for the last time. She did not leave hope to meet him again. In the evening, the animal took to guard the master's house. B>

Usually the dog's eyes shine with happiness and look slightly regretful when they pick up a toy, or do not give the desired treat. But in the eyes of this dog so much pain that much heart shrinks when you look at them. B>

Many people have tried to take Masha home. But every time she ran at the door and turned out the hospital, which saw his master for the last time. B>

Over time, Masha learned throughout the district. The dog is allowed to be in the lobby of the hospital, and paramedics bring her food. She became a symbol of devotion and true love.

If people were as loyal and devoted as this dog! Masha history once again proves to us that the animals often exhibit more emotion than people. We have something to learn from them.

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