15 terrifying reasons why I'm in Australia, more than a foot ... This dream and not a nightmare!

Australia - a place not for the faint hearted. The fact that this tiny continent inhabit the most dangerous animals in the world. Water and land in the Green Continent just teeming with the diversity of its inhabitants is far from harmless. Most Australians used to live next door to poisonous snakes, spiders, crocodiles and other deadly creatures. Before that you still wanted to go to Australia, after viewing these frames, you have lost any desire to travel around the country. This horrific 15 reasons why you should not go to Australia. Personally, I would not risk ...

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This can only dream in a nightmare! Here I am more than a foot! If your friends are already preparing the bags, to go to Australia, to warn them of impending danger and show them 15 reasons why they should abandon their undertaking.

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