The most unsuccessful marriage proposal, which turned into a nightmare. They do not envy!

Are you ready for this event almost a month, or even a whole year. You have already purchased the most elegant wedding ring. You have tens of thousands of times carefully rehearsed his speech in front of a mirror. All your friends are incredibly happy for you. Even her father curmudgeon gave his blessing to your future marriage. The world has never been so beautiful, because you are doing a marriage proposal the woman of your dreams!

Suddenly fate presents you a very unexpected surprise that in a moment destroy all your efforts ... You do not know, but the fate of this by their plans. All you need at the moment - is to show the incredible endurance, courage and patience, because love, after all, requires sacrifice. This 6 most flops marriage proposals, which turned to these guys a nightmare. They do not envy!

From the excitement she even legs give way ...


It seems that this girl is not happy with the ukulele!


Brutal 'no', which is spread throughout the world.


In the memory of the wedding ring is left only the video ...


The Runaway Bride ...


Deadly bid!


One can only wish these poor fellows for the future happiness, love and success. After all that is done, everything - for the better. Share this marriage proposal, which did not go according to plan, your friends in the hope that they can avoid such involvement.

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