The bride threw the bride before the wedding ... In response to this, it has made the world's best photo shoot!

23-year-old American Shelby Spink met her fiance back in the 2011th year, when I was in college. Then the two men realized that for each other. The couple became engaged in March 2014 and in November was planning a wedding.

«I put my heart and soul into preparing for the wedding ... I wanted to make this long-awaited day has become for each of us special," - says Shelby. i>

But a week before the wedding Spink future husband told her he did not like it and did not want to marry her.

«Bang! And all my dreams of a family and a marriage with a man with whom I was going to spend the rest of his life, were destroyed in an instant ». I>

«I was shocked and did not even have ideas about what I do next. I was in complete disarray. The next few days I had to spend, perezvanivaya guests and suppliers ». I>

How not cool, and she was incredibly grateful to my family and close friends who have supported her in difficult times. However, the approaching wedding day - and all of them just like Shelby did not know how to act further.

But Shelby Spink was certain - a miserable wedding party - that's what she least wanted to be at the moment.

Suddenly wedding photographer has filed an unusual idea. He offered to make a reckless wedding photo session, where Shelby and her friends could freely make fun of her wedding dress and remove it all on camera.

«first this crazy idea is not even invested in my head. But then I thought for a moment and realized that it would be an ideal way out of this situation. In the end, it's just a dress - Cocoa is a material thing ». I>

November 1st was supposed to be a beautiful day for Shelby, spent with loving family and friends. «I could not afford to let the error of my former fiancé took me this day», i> - with a smile says Spink.

Traditional ransom, which was attended by the bride's parents would have turned into a staggering family photography.

«I bought this dress my mother, so I am very worried about how it will accept the news that I was going to do with him. But my parents supported me in every way, and the whole evening was an integral part of my holiday ». I>

Pope Spink even ordered some champagne and cigars.

Shelby invited to your holiday groomsmen. And they also, like her, were delighted with this photo shoot.

«On the best party with friends, and I could not dream», i> Spink admits.

Dress Spink was later exhibited at a local bridal salon.

«I could not imagine how useful it would be for me this experience. He helped me clean up and get rid of all of the past ... At the very moment when the first was a smear of paint on my dress - I felt complete freedom ... » i>

Despite the fact that a week before the wedding Spink felt depressed and broken hearted, optimistic now this woman is full of strength and energy.

«Rather than lie down and wait for something as life pass me by, I decided to look at your problem right in the face». i>

And if she had one day to say something to his former fiance, it would be these words: «Thank you for the pain of loss. Thank you threw me, it's only made me feel more deeply its own force ». I>

«Thank you gave a lesson in life and made it clear that no one can take away my happiness. Thank you let me once met a true mutual love ». I>

Despite the fact that this girl had to endure, she behaved very decently, not losing faith and optimism. Girl with incredible courage just laughed at his problem. I hope that Shelby will meet their happiness. Tell us about this touching story to your friends.


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