Here's how to play your children! With these parents just do not get bored ...

Parents - and so they are the best in the world and love us more than anyone else. Sorry, we often do not appreciate it and accept my sincere concern for excessive care. And in fact, the parents try to make their children's lives easy and carefree, even if sometimes very strange ways. What you will see below - jokes the parents of children who seem a little strange, and sometimes weird, but still, the leitmotif of them - parental love and care.

1. With that dad is not exactly boring! B>

2. What a good man! B>

3. A classic to be read. B>

4. "My mother gave it to me and said that this is the only glass from which I drink alcohol at the University». I>

5. "I came home late at night and saw it. My heart almost stopped! I hate my father jokes ... » i>

«This has to stop!» i>

6. "I am glad that you were the best sperm». B>

7. Perhaps the Pope a bit over the top ...

8. These parents act out scenes from famous films with their children in the lead role. B>

9. Sometimes it is better to give up ...

10. "The recreation area of ​​patient parents». B>

11. Pope SELF copies of his son. B>

12. Indeed, why just wet? B>

13. This Pope sends children on a journey with the help of Photoshop. B>

14. Great family photo! B>

Thanks to modern gadgets we can capture a lot of happy family moments. Parents seldom jokes like these photos, but when it happens - this event. And how are your parents teased you?

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