These grandparents went to the jewelry store ... But no one expected such an act!

Probably each of us once in your life feel uncomfortable entering a jewelry store. But once one of the most expensive jewelry stores confident gait walked the 80-year old man with his old lady. Store clerks were surprised, because they rarely met such customers.

elderly man was not taken aback, and asked to see diamond rings at affordable price. Vendors offered Granddaddy relatively inexpensive option, which just acted discounts.

What happened next, touched all the employees to the core. The old man casually pulled a wad of money, which consisted of small denominations and held it with trembling saleswoman. This lovely scene it was impossible to capture on camera. This news in no time sold over the Internet. This noble gesture on the part of an elderly man simply had to be an example for many!

As it was later learned, it was money that saved his grandpa for years, because they do not have the opportunity to directly buy his wife a costly gift.

And then, finally, the desired amount has been collected and it is even in my old age has managed to please his beloved wife expensive gift.

Granny and the entire store staff could not restrain tears ...

The old man recognized: «We have lived a very hard life ... We had to endure a lot. And I could in my life to somehow cheer her this gift ». I>

As it turned out, to give expensive gifts do not have to be a millionaire. The value of this gift for that old lady is not measured in carats ... Let this romantic act has become an example for many generations - tell this story to your friends.

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